2004 Trekkers Penobscot River Canoe Expedition

Trip Log

Trekkers took nine tenth and eleventh grade Trekkers down the Penobscott River for an adventure of a lifetime.
Sun Aug 22, 2004
The Entire Trip

This trip was truly one for the ages.  We left GVHS at 7:15am on Sunday, August 22nd and were on the water by 3:30pm paddling up Lobster Stream to get to our campsite on Lobster Lake were we stayed for two nights.  The next day we explored Lobster Lake by traveling through the swamps where we had to cross over at least 15 beaver dams.  The day was very exciting especially since we had to rescue Luke and Nate twice after they capsized their boat!!! The third day we headed for the river, where we all took breaks just floating down the stream for long stretches at a time and then when we got to our campsite we swam and some even walked up stream and floated down with their life jackets on.  Next, we headed down to Chesunkook Village were we met with a guy who gave us root beer and fresh bread.  We also checked out the old church and graveyard.  After that we stayed on Gero Island, which was a huge highlight for all of us.  It had a beach and a view of an incredible sunset.  We did a short solo and some journal writing before we had smores on the fire.  The next day there was a wicked wind in our faces and we had to go 12 miles.  After paddling for two hours we felt like we were going nowhere.  So, thanks to Al we were able to be motored up the lake for about eight miles.  During the ride, Nate and Kevin caught Don a “free range” Salmon.  On the last night, we had dogs and beans (and fish) and a wonderful chocolate cake made by Luke in the Dutch Oven.  The last day we paddled for about three miles, where we kinda got lost because Elias and Nate did not trust Ian and Paul on where they were navigating us.  So, after most of the boats followed Elias and Nate we realized that Paul and Ian were right.  It made us paddle at least 1.5 miles out the way.  Once we got to shore we unloaded everything, took a group shot and said good bye to Al.  The trip was an amazing experience full of laughs, good food, great conversation and breathtaking beauty.  I would like to thank Al, Meredith, Luke, Nate, Elias, Paul, Kevin, Ian, Molly, Breanna, and Chelsey.  All of you did a wonderful job at embracing our short time together.  Thanks for living in the moment and helping make this experience one of the best Trekkers trip yet!   ~ Don


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