2005 Allagash Canoe Expedition

Trip Log

Nine Students and 3 adults went out on the Allagash from August 21st to the 26th.  We started at Allagash Lake and ended at Chamberlain Lake.
Sun Aug 21, 2005
Day One

Welcome back Trekkers fans! Off we go again! We figure we’ve already been to California in the pouring rain, NYC in 102 degree heat, and Acadia in the snow…so it was time for something new!

We all met bright and early Sunday morning at the ever-faithful Trekkers bus outside of Georges Valley. Despite our blurry-eyed groggy state we managed to tell our parents to behave themselves while we were gone and pile into our seats. We drove north for a few hours and eventually stopped at a campsite where we met up with our hero, Al. We loaded all of the gear and ourselves into Al’s van and took off again. This time we abandoned all civilization and drove for a while down a never-ending dirt road. No joke. It was the longest unpaved road I’ve ever seen. Sooner or later we arrived at our destination: A lovely spot where we would shove off from. Somewhere along the drive the rain we had woken up to ceased leaving us with a muggy, sunnyish day. The paddle of the first day was an easy one, we only did about two miles, but when we arrived at our campsite on Allagash Lake we were happy to indulge ourselves on a STEAK dinner and crash.

Mon Aug 22, 2005
Day Two

On day two we woke up sunny skies, and were all glad to pile into the canoes for the day’s adventure. We canoed three miles down Allagash Lake until we reached Allagash Mountain. Although the hike up the mountain was only one and a half miles, it was straight up. We were all panting by the time we reached the summit. It was worth it. You could see for miles and we all got a thrill climbing up the old ranger’s tower that stood on the top. The canoe paddle back to camp was more difficult because the wind had picked up, but we obviously made it and were very content with carrot cake and bedtime that night.

Tue Aug 23, 2005
Day Three

Day three…we woke up and packed up camp, then headed across the lake, aimed for the continuing river at the other side. However, when we got there we were all a little shaken to discover that it lacked enough water tp support us . Therefore, we ended up dragging our canoes down two miles of rocky river bottom. Tiring, but still not bad at all. After what seemed like an eternity we broke away from the river and arrived at our campsite on Little Round Pond. The night we fell asleep to the pounding of Little Allagash Falls.
Wed Aug 24, 2005
Day Four

Even though we all wanted to spend all day playing in waterfalls, we had a lot of ground to cover, so on day four we didn’t hang around too long. We were greeted with another two mile stretch of waterless river, only this time fatigue, blisters, and other battle wounds made it more difficult. The leeches didn’t help either. Throughout the day tempers flared and discouragement grew, until a fairy godmother of a moose lifted the gloom and welcomed us to Chamberlain Lake. Thus marking the end of our river travels. We continued down the lake for a few miles, and made a very muddy detour to visit the area’s old railway system. The old engines were huge, and our new jungle gym. After canoing another few more miles we arrived At our campsite, and needless to say none of us neglected our sleeping bags that night.

Thu Aug 25, 2005
Day Five

When we woke up on day five, let’s be honest, none of us were looking forward to our scheduled twelve mile canoe paddle. However, the heavens opened and gave us Al. Being the genius he is, he tied all six of our canoes together and set up a large sail. The winds and current were with us and we zoomed down the lake in no time at all. It was the easiest twelve miles I’ve ever covered. That night we slept on the beach in Katahdin’s shadow and beneath dozens of shooting stars.

Fri Aug 26, 2005

Ummm, we packed, we professed our love to Al, and headed out of the backwoods. The trip home was fine, and despite a stop at a really sketchy Subway restaurant, we made it home, thus concluding another Trekkers expedition. Thanks Al! Thanks Jill! Thanks Don!


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