2006 -From the Hoods to the Woods

Ten 10th grade Trekkers and nine Urban Trekkers came together for a fabulous time.  Our experience together has set the foundation for many more opportunities to take place in the future!!!

Tue Aug 29, 2006
Day 1

The Urban Trekkers arrived at Blueberry Cove around 5:30 or so after a long drive from Camden, New Jersey. The Maine Trekkers arrived a bit later because of sports schedules. After a few minutes for settling in and exploring the Urban Trekkers prepared a scrumptious meal of spaghetti, meatballs, salad, and breadsticks. We all pitched in on the dinner clean up. After a welcome from Les Hyde, the director of Blueberry Cove, we played several icebreakers. By 10, everyone was in the cabins getting ready for bed.

Wed Aug 30, 2006
Day 2

Today we awoke bright and early at 7am. We were greeted in the dinning hall by warm fruit pancakes made by Mr. C, Jim, Bob and a few urban trekkers. After breakfast, Ann Goldsmith a former owner of Blueberry Cove Camp, told us the history of the camp. When the camp opened in the 1960’s, it was the first multi-racial camp in Maine. How fitting that our first cultural exchange with Urban Trekkers took place here. We played some fun games outside that started  and then it was time to start exploring St. George. We split up into three groups and rotated between three activities: Kayaking from Port Clyde, Canoeing on the St. George Marsh, and Hiking at Clark Island Quarry. One group went swimming in the quarry.   Everyone had a great time and had built up an appetite for the lobster bake that night. The lobsters, corn bread, blueberry pie and corn on the cob were all delicious. For several, this was their first lobster. After dinner, everyone sat around the campfire sharing their favorite moments and playing games.

Thu Aug 31, 2006
Day 3

Don and Mr. C let us sleep in a bit today. After having breakfast, we played several games. One taught us about how we judged other cultures. Late in the morning, we left for Mt. Battie in the bus. She had a hard time making it up to the top, but after a little coaxing we were at the top and taking in the amazing view. After a few pictures and a look around, we headed back down to explore Camden, Maine. The Urban Trekkers pointed out many differences in their sister city. They couldn’t believe that people called it a city. We had a quick stop at camp and headed to Port Clyde to go on a lighthouse cruise. The cruise was fun. Wsaw many lighthouses that could only be seen by boat and played several games of Uno.  After the cruise, we headed back to Blueberry Cove and the Maine Trekkers prepared pizza tortillas. We took turns cooking our own, outside on the stove. After cleaning up, Liz and Emily learned some awesome dance moves from the Urban Trekkers, which they demonstarted for us that night around the campfire. We once again climbed into the bus to get ice cream in Port Clyde. The energy level was high as we headed back to camp for our closing campfire. The campfire was great and we spent the rest of the evening having fun with our new friends from Camden, New Jersey.

Fri Sep 01, 2006
Day 4

The Urban Trekkers headed back for New Jersey early, around 7. It was a sad goodbye. After only 3 short days, the Urban Trekkers had become our friends. We were no longer two groups of people, but one group of Trekkers. After a short period of getting to know one another, we realized that despite coming from what we thought were very different cultures, we were not that different after all.


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