St. Croix River Expedition 2006

Trip Log

14 students backed up their dry bags and headed off into the wild for 5 days of canoeing on the St. Croix River.
Mon Aug 21, 2006
Day One

We set out Monday morning at about 7:00 am from GVHS, everyone half asleep, headed north. After about two hours of driving and a much needed coolata stop at Dunkin Donuts everyone began to come too. By the time we reached our drop off spot everyone was pumped up and ready to go, even though it was down pouring! We loaded up the boats, with the much needed help from Alagash Al and started down river. It wasn’t long before everyone started to pull out their fishing rods, Aley’s batman and Alyssa R’s Scooby Doo included. After a relaxing thirty minutes of floating down river we heard a loud yell coming from Bryson and Aley’s boat, Aley had caught her first fish of many. At about 5:00 we settled in at our first campsite. After most of the bags being under the rain all day even the contractor bags couldn’t keep all of our stuff dry. J-Byrd’s and Chris’ were the wettest. After a delicious meal of barbeque chicken and strawberry shortcake provided by Alagash Al we hit the hay. The next morning after picking up camp and loading up the boats once again we headed out down the river. The second part of the river was a little more challenging we hit the biggest rapid of the week, Little Falls. Nobody had any trouble with it so we headed further down river. Then the first flip of our trip hit us, Dylan and Brandon got lodged on and rock and Dylan forgot to go high side. Everything went flowing down stream with everyone racing after it picking everything they could out of the water.

We found everything except one of the stoves, but luckily we found the second. We got to our second campsite, had another delicious meal and got some much needed sleep. The third day we got struck by our second dose of flip, Vinny and Alyssa R. flipped so that was the second time we got to practice our search and rescue skills. That third night we set up camp and after everyone had changed into dry clothes and settled in we saw some food, and camping equipment floating down stream.  A couple of boats headed out, two boats scooping up items, and the third went to go untangle one of the boats from a rock. Later that Justin and Brandon headed across the river with some left over hot dogs to give to the people that had crashed, but on there way back they flipped and put our count up to three. After having a dance party from the music from our neighboring camp that night we finally got some sleep.

The next day we got out of camp early and even with another flip, Vinny and Elliot, we got into our camp early. With our extra time we practiced our flips, and poor don forgot to leave the camera on shore so he couldn’t be flipped, and also were introduced to Big Booty, the most corrupting game ever. The next was another easy ride mostly free-floating, with no FLIPS! We got to our last camp site, played some more big booty, saw Justin fall into the river (he saved his frosty), and stole potatoe head and G.I. Trekker back. I’d say overall it was a good night. The next morning set out had a relatively easy ride for the rest of the way. We got to where we had parked the bus loaded it up and headed back home.


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