Leadership Weekend I Fall 2006

Trip Log

Fri Nov 10, 2006

We climbed aboard Bessy a little after 4pm. Don was bit late getting the bus to the school, so we didn’t leave on time. About 15 minutes into our journey, we realized we were missing Jimmy. He thought we were leaving at 4:30. Thankfully his dad was kind enough to drive him down to Camp Kieve.

After settling in and eating dinner, we met as a group. After taking part in some fun filled initiatives, Don led a discussion about the topic of leadership.  He broke the group up into four teams and asked each group to list 10 people who they look to as leaders in their community or in the world.  This led to a more indepth conversation about the characteristics of leadership and what all leaders have in common.  After that, we had some free time to play basketball, ping pong, and/or sleep.

Sat Nov 11, 2006

The morning started early.  The girls didn’t have an alarm clock so the guys, being the true leaders they are, got up early to make sure the girls were in time for breakfast.  All the food on this weekend is being prepared by the camp cooks.  This is very different for us Trekkers since we are the ones who usually cook and clean for the entire group.  But hey, heated cabins and prepared foods, we’re not complaining.

After some eggs and sausage, we met again as a group again and did some more fun team building initiatives.  Afterwards, Don again led us in some more discussions about how we can make a real difference in the lives of young people.  We did an exercise on labeling and stereotypes and how students react when they are labled by their peers. Don shared that what Trekkers is looking for are student leaders who can see beyond the labels and help younger students begin to see their gifts, not their needs.  All and all it was a fun and very informative session.

After another great meal, we hopped in the bus and headed to Reid State Park.  It was a chance for all of us to just spend some time together in a beautiful place…and what a place it is.  RSP has a long sandy beache, cool rocks to climb on, and a great place to throw the frisbee and play football.  Dylan and Brandon did most of football throwing, while the girls played in the water and others climbed along the rocky shore.

When we went to leave, Don realized he lost the keys to the bus.  So, we all circled up and spent about 45 mintues retracing each step he took.  Luckily, Dylan found the keys in a spot where Don went into the woods to go the bathroom.  They must have fallen out when Don was trying to be indiscreet.

After a really fun time, we headed back to camp.  We had a little bit of down time and then went to dinner.

After dinner we played even more fun games and then had a discussion about how modeling proper behavior was a very imporant approach to effectively working with younger students. This led into a discussion about drugs and alcohol use in our high school and what our intentions were concerning these substances.  Don laid out the expectations of the Trekkers Leadership Program, letting us know that Trekkers is looking for students to make a commitment not to use drugs or alcohol for our remaining time in high school.  Don made sure we understood that that choosing to use drugs and alcohol occasionally did not mean that we as students weren’t leaders. But that Trekkers is looking for student leaders who are choosing to live their lives substance free.  He said that in the end the choice was ours to make.  He encouraged us to take sometime to think about it and ask ourselves if this was something we really wanted for our lives over the next year and a half.

After our meeting, many of us played basketball outside.  Others went to find food down at the cafe.  Turns out Vinnie, Peter, and Josh found the Klondikes and many people were happy about this.  We went back to our cabins around 10pm and sat and talked for awhile until most people fell asleep around 11pm.

Sun Nov 12, 2006

This morning, Don slept through his alarm clock, so we all woke up a bit late; no showers before breakfast. After a breakfast of waffles, sausage, and fruit, we gathered for once more for games and discussion. Don led us in a game and then we did some journaling about why we wanted to be leaders and what we thought would be difficult for us. After hearing others concerns, we have a better idea of how to support them over the next year.

We then went back to the cabins, packed up our gear, and cleaned up. The boys took a really long time, so the girls decided to encourage them to hurry and then went to play cards. Once Don, the boys, and the bus finally arrived at the girls cabin, they loaded up their bags and climbed aboard.

On the bus ride back our stuffed friends, Lammie and Bert, entertained us. Lammie and Bert were both thrown out of the bus and Bert was never collected 🙁 Poor Bert, left in the rain to be carried away by a small child or hungry animal. All we have left is this one picture of him. Luckily though Lammie is safe and sound. 🙂

After a stop at Dunkin Donuts, we arrived back at school a few minutes early. It was pouring rain. We were all soaked by the time we got our gear out of the bus and into our respective cars. It was an nice weekend and we are all looking forward to the second leadership weekend in the Spring.

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