2008 From the ‘Hood to the Woods

Mon Aug 25, 2008
Day One

Around 6pm the Urban Trekkers showed up in their brand new bus to begin our cultural exchange. We (Trekkers of Maine) had our famous Pizza Tortillas waiting for them to eat. Afterwards Don facilitated a number of get-to-know-you activities that made everyone more at ease with meeting new people for the first time. We then set a time for cabin check and went to bed anticipating all the activities for tomorrow. All and all it was a really fun night!

Fri Sep 26, 2008
Day 2

Today we woke up early and the Urban Trekkers group treated everyone to pancakes, sausage, and even orange juice. This is unsual for Maine Trekkers who only get bagels and cereal every morning…when asked about UT’s nice spread, Don said that Jim (the urban Trekkers Director) was giving him a bad name:)

Before heading out for the day’s activities, Don led an activity that had to do with stereo-types and first impressions. He had everyone pick partner from the opposite group and then had them describe for two minutes where they grew up. They then took the information and made a collage out of different magazines, piecing together what they had heard them say as well as assumptions about other aspects of each other’s life. After each person presented their collage to the group, we had a small discussion to determine whether people’s assumptions were true or false. It turned out to be a great team-building activity.

After the discussion, the entire group was split up into three teams. While one team sea kayaked in Port Clyde, the other group swam at the quarry and the other team visited three local artists on the penninsula. Each team got to rotate to each site throughout the day. The wind was a bit fierce down at the kayak site, but that didn’t stop us Trekkers from heading out. The local artists were very kind in giving us a tour of their studios and their art work. After spending the day rotating through the three activities, we came back to Blue Berry Cove where Elaine Polky had a huge lobster bake waiting for everyone. This included, blue berry pie, fresh corn, and so much more. The day was lovely and everyone had a great, great time.

Sat. Sep 27, 2008

Day 3

Day three was another early wake up and departure. This time we headed up to Acadia National Park and hiked Bee Hive Mountain and then went swimming at Sand Beach. Both activities were great team building activities. Afterwards we took the buses up to the top of Cadillac Mountain, which included a U-TURN on the auto road coming down (one of Vincent’s favorite memories!).

On our way home, Don and Jim treated everyone to Pizza and Ice Cream. When we got back to BBC we played a few games and had a final discussion and then had students head to their cabins.


Sun. Sep 28, 2008

Words really can’t describe the overall time students had getting to know one another. During evaluations of the trip, most people commented that it was too short and that we needed more time to spend with one another. However, I believe that everyone left feeling great about what was accomplished. Everyone left with a little more perspective that even though each group comes from completely diverse backgrounds, that they all had more in common than differences and in the end this is the point to the whole experience. Teenagers are teenagers and humans are humans no matter where they grow up, no matter what their cultural background is, no matter what the color of their skin is. During these four days, everyone discovered that the divide between the two worlds is not as large as most people would make it. Students learned that by putting aside their own fears about one another, reconciliation could happen on an authentic level…a level few know and even fewer experience.

We would like to thank all those who found the courage and the time to participate on this trip. Don always says that what you put into something is what you take away from it. I believe you put all you had into this trip and the rewards will stay with you the rest of your lives!! ~ Thank you.



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