2009 From the ‘Hood to the Woods

Sun Aug 23, 2009
Day 1

Today both Urban Trekkers and Maine Trekkers met at Blueberry Cove in Tenants Harbor to begin the 3 day cultural exchange. Urban Trekkers showed up just after 5:00pm and from there we split up into cabins set up camp and started the cooking process of the ever famous, Pizza Tortillas. Once dinner was made and people had a chance to eat Don facilitated several get-to-know you games and soon after it was bedtime.

Mon Aug 24, 2009
Day 2

Today we had a 7am wake up and eagerly awaited our breakfast, Blueberry Pancakes, Bacon, and Orange Juice(does it get much better then this?) After breakfast we all split up into our groups and within our groups we did different things. Some went kayaking, some went to the quarry and some went lobstering on a local boat. After a certain amount of time we all rotated so that each group had a chance to do each of the activities. After a busy day of non-stop of activities we all met back at Blueberry Cove for annual lobster bake hosted by great volunteers. Dinner was served- lobsters, corn, bread, and several different dips and munchies. Let’s not forget the never-ending amounts of desserts from Blueberry Pie, Blueberry Cake, Cookies, Brownies and much more. After dinner and dessert we played more games and had some discussions and called it a night. It was bedtime! Early wake up tomorrow to venture to the wonderful island of Monhegan!

Tue Aug 25, 2009
Day 3

To we got up at 5:15am to make the hour and fifteen minute boat ride to Monhegan Island. Once we arrived we did a hike around the island and were given about an hour to walk around and explore on our own. We boarded the boat at 12:30 to head back to the camp and make a plan of attack for the afternoon. The plan was made, some will go play basketball and the others will go swimming and those who are playing basketball will meet at the quarry. So we were off. We had until about 4:30 to swim and after swimming we drove home, got dry clothes on and we were off again. It was PIZZA AND ICE CREAM time. We went to a pizzaria in Camden and then ice cream at Dormans. Once back at camp we played some games and had a conversation about the day and other topics and it was bedtime. Urban Trekkers were departing early the next day. Overall what a great few days its been.

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