2011 From the Hood to the Woods

2011 From the Hood to the Woods Trip Log

Sun Aug 21, 2011 Day 1!

We met at Blueberry Cove Camp in Tenants Harbor at 5pm.  Shortly after, the Urban Trekkers arrived after a 10 hour bus ride from Camden, NJ!  We all formed a circle outside to introduce ourselves.  Some of us had done the Hood to the Woods expedition before, but for many of us (both Maine and Urban Trekkers), this was our first experience coming together as one group Maine.

After some short introductions, we settled into our cabins.  My cabin, Osprey, didn’t have electricity, but I must say that we still made it feel like home!  Once we moved into our cabins, the Maine Trekkers began cooking dinner, pizza tortillas.  Luckily, the rain held off until we finished cooking our food on the stoves outside.

That first night we played a long but very funny game of Whose Your Daddy.  The question was, “What is your greatest secret ambition?”  There were so many awesome answers, from being a news reporter to surfing inside a volcano (Jorge).  After the game, we hit the hay.

Mon Aug 22, 2011 Day 2!

Okay, this day was absolutely jam-packed.  It was probably one of the most fun days I’ve ever had this year, and it started quite early.

We all got up, got dressed and had breakfast in the lodge.  Then we encountered a little bit of trouble getting the Urban Trekkers bus to start.  We even tried to push it!  That wasn’t quite successful considering this bus seats about 20 people…it’s huge.  Anyway, after only 10 minutes or so, she started!  Thanks to Chris, Don, Mr. C. and Bill from Blueberry Cove for getting us on the road.

We split into two teams.  One team went sea kayaking first and the other team went to the quarry.  My team went to the quarry at Atwoods Cove.  I’ve never been to this quarry before.  It was beautiful, and the water wasn’t too cold.  We all swam over to the cliffs.  Some of us were definitely confident and comfortable jumping from pretty high points (Luis and Evan).  It was awesome to see them have so much fearless fun!  I think almost everyone jumped from the 15 foot ledge, including Vincent, Lamar, Maui, Cassidy and more.  It was a blast, and really fun to cheer each other as we conquered our fears of heights AND swimming.  What a rush!

After that, we made our way to Port Clyde for some sea kayaking.  Maya and I were in the same boat, and I must say for a first time kayaker, she was a natural.  We didn’t see any porpoises, but still had some fun.  I got a shoulder cramp, but everything was so beautiful that it was difficult to complain.  I should note here that while it rained the entire night before, this day was nothing but gorgeous blue skies and sunshine!

We were so hungry after swimming and kayaking, so we had lunch, then met the other group at the St. George School before going lobstering.  At STGS we played some basketball, hung around the playground and shared our stories from the morning.  It was awesome to be all together, and you could tell that already people were feeling more comfortable around each other.

Then we headed onto Bobby Joe Polky’s lobster boat!  This was definitely a fun experience for all of us.  We saw him haul traps from the water, and we even saw Evan and Jorge bite the heads off some rotten fish (really).  It was fun holding the lobsters and learning how to tell between a female and male lobster.

After being on the boat, we headed back to Blueberry Cove for a little bit of down time.  Our amazing volunteers were already setting up the lodge for the lobster bake, and it looked so wonderful inside.

I must say the lobster bake was really the perfect ending to a perfect day.  The food was delicious, everything from homemade baked beans, salads, crab dip and more to corn on the cob and, of course, lobster…also, the desserts were incredible.  But even more than that, so many people came to meet the Urban Trekkers and check out our little expedition.  A lot of board members, Trekkers alumni and parents all shared this evening with us.  The atmosphere was wonderful.  Definitely one of the best meals I’ve ever had!  Thank you so much to Elaine Polky, Tammy Willey, Lauren Watts, Bobby Joe Polky, Tom Armitage, Fred Mazzoni and Chip Bauer and everyone else who made it possible.

After the lobster bake, the Urban and Maine Trekkers had a group discussion.  We discussed the similarities and differences between midcoast Maine and Camden, NJ.  Everyone in the circle shared at least one thing.  We discovered that although there were a few major differences between us and where we live, we still had a ton in common and faced a lot of similar challenges.  Then we headed to bed.

Tue Aug 23, 2011 Day 3!

We woke up pretty early yet again, had breakfast, and headed to Acadia.  This time, we were all on the same bus, which was really fun.  Freya, Chris and I learned how to play a new game called Tonk from Carlos and Shahad.  It was another beautiful day.

Once we were in Acadia, we parked and broke into three teams to trek up the Beehive trail.  This trail is actually very short (probably less than .5 miles to the top), but it is technical.  There were a lot of iron rungs that we used to pull ourselves up slanted rock faces.  For a lot of us, it was our first hiking experience!  Our team was great, and we all supported each other getting up and over ledges, walking across some bridges and just making it to the top.  When everyone met at the top, we had lunch and looked out at the gorgeous scenery.  We were right above Sand Beach, which was where we were headed next.

That water was FREEZING, but still, so many of us went swimming!  It was amazing to see.  Evan showed a bunch of us how to body surf, which was really fun to watch.  We either went swimming or just enjoyed the view and the sun in the sand.  After Sand Beach, we boarded Daisy and headed up Cadillac Mountain.  The view was incredible especially because it was such a clear day.  We took a quick photo, then headed back to the midcoast.

We had dinner at Zaddik’s pizza (delicious) and stopped by Camden Cone for ice cream.  By then, it was pretty late, and when we got to Blueberry Cove, we circled up, each shared a highlight of the day then went to bed.  Our Urban Trekkers were leaving very early the next morning and had to wake up at 5:30!  We started saying goodbyes even though we’d see each other in the morning.  A bunch of us vowed to be back next summer!

Wed Aug 24, 2011 Day 4

Our last day of the trip was very short.  Our Urban Trekker friends headed back to Camden, NJ around 6am, and we all woke up to say goodbye.  Then some of us went back to bed for a little bit.  We got up, had breakfast, cleaned the cabins and the lodge and said goodbye.

This was such an amazing trip with amazing people!  I’m so glad I met each of you, and I hope you all do this trip again next summer.  Thanks so much to each of you and everyone who helped make this experience so great!!!

– Lis



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