Team Phoenix Day Trip!

Team Phoenix Spring Break Day Trip

Trip Log

Team Phoenix braved the roller rink together on a one day Spring celebration day trip to Portland!

Fri Apr 20, 2012
Skating makes you hungry…

In the hopes of celebrating a beautiful spring and a beautiful spring break, Team Phoenix members once again jumped on board the Trekkers bus for a little adventure on the open road.

With only minor detours (including a wrong turn or two and a delicious parking lot picnic) we made it to Portland for the first part of our day long adventure, a movie day at the Cinemagic theater. Though the majority of people had already seen it, we still gasped and jumped our way through The Hunger Games, all of us grateful that we didn’t have to participate.

After delving into dystopian fantasy, we all needed a little lighthearted fun, so we packed up and headed to Happy Wheels, a roller rink! We soon discovered that roller skating is a lot harder than it looks. We also discovered that some of us had naturally sweet dance moves, even if it looked to the rest of the world like we were just falling a lot.

So after a whole lot of laughing, a whole lot of wipe outs and a whole lot of that special magic that you just can’t describe, we ditched the skates and headed home.

Headed home the longest way possible, but we got there! This summer, we will have a designated map reader!

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