Team Panther 2012 – Veteran’s Day Expedition

Team Panther Veteran’s Day Trek

Trip Log


Fri Nov 09, 2012
Day 1: Whale Watch

Team Panther Veterans Day Trekkers headed off to spend the weekend at Camp Kieve right after school to do team-building activities and a community service project in honor of the holiday weekend. We all arrived at Camp Kieve with just enough sunlight left to tackle the first initiative on the low ropes course; the whale watch. Check out the photos—this team rocks at communication and balancing for minutes on end (probably due to Double Cheese’s advice, “Get your giddies out!”) even when a few desperately had to go to the bathroom!

After the low ropes course, Sara and Alaina’s cook crew prepared a yummy spaghetti dinner. Lots of games were played—Catch Phrase!—and then we closed out the evening with journaling activities to prepare us for our community service at Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry on Saturday. Oh, and we had a pretty sweet cabin to sleep in!

Sat Nov 10, 2012
Day 2: Loaves and Fishes!

We woke up early on our second day to eat breakfast by a beautiful view with beautiful weather. Next, we trekked back to Rockland to volunteer with Youthlinks at the Loaves and Fishes soup kitchen. Students took turns preparing food, setting up tables and chairs and decorating for the lunch shift. On the menu were veggie pot pie, salad, and brownies! So good! The decorations were also quite impressive—hint: check out the felt flower below. Lots of meaningful conversations were had and many thanks given—the leaders were so impressed with Team Panther. Before heading back to Camp Kieve, we showed off our traveling school bus to our Youthlinks partners.

Arriving back at camp, we had a few more low ropes initiatives to tackle, and there couldn’t have been a more supportive group. Teams of three took turns spotting one another on the Mohawk Walk and everyone made it through the course!

Emily and Jeff’s cook crew then prepared one of the Trekkers’ faves – Potatoes deal with it. After dinner, we played many fun team-building games, including the unforgettable animal game where Haylee showed off her platypus skills. Remember, “you can’t force it, it just happens.” We were all also thoroughly impressed with leader Sara’s dancing skills…as a monkey…then a shark.

Sun Nov 11, 2012
Day 3: The Wall

Everyone shined on our last day where they each pushed themselves on our final challenge by choice low ropes initiative—the wall—and marked supportive thoughts into each others’ journals. We could not have been more proud of all of the support Team Panther gave to one another, and the way they knew their own—and one another’s–strengths.

We closed out the weekend with a dance party on the journey home. Sara’s monkey dance even made a guest appearance!

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