Fitness Treks 2013 Reunion

Fitness Treks 2013: Winter Energy Boost was a 5 day, 4 night expedition for female Trekkers that took place over the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. Together, we stretched, danced, sweat, laughed, cooked, ate, and had honest conversations about how to best harness healthy energy from different physical activities and the foods we eat. We met with a nutritionist, had ZUMBA classes, Yoga classes, strength & cardio class, CrossFit, and danced and laughed a lot. For our first Fitness Treks reunion, we spent time with a nutritionist at PenBay Hospital and made hummus, went bowling, made a healthy lunch and did Zumba and Yoga!

Fri Mar 15, 2013 – Fitness Treks 2013 Reunion

Since Friday was a school workshop day, we took advantage of having a Fitness Treks reunion. We met at Oceanside West and took off to PenBay Hospital to meet with Jeff Space, Director of Nutritional Services. He was awesome and taught us how to make a really yummy hummus recipe. We also got to add in all of the ingredients we wanted to make it our own unique kind! A secret ingredient to add to hummus—peanut butter! Who knew?!

Next we headed to Oakland Park Lanes to show off our bowling skills and move our bodies around. Also to compete for the extra 5 bowls of hummus we had left over! We danced to some tunes from DJ Meredith and applauded Haylie with the win.

Our stomachs grumbling again, we went to Malia’s place for lunch—health pb&j sandwiches and zucchini corn fritters. We used a recipe we received from Marcia in our January Fitness Treks overnight! We also played lots of Catch Phrase.

Our last stop was at Korrinsdance Art & Fitness Center, where we were reunited with Toni! We had a fun Zumba session, where we realized our moves came back to us pretty quickly. We ended the day with a relaxing yoga session and headed back to Oceanside West.

Thank you to all of the leaders that made this day so special—Jeff, Malia, Toni, Bethany, Meredith, Emily and Alaina.

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