Team Chimera 9th Grade Overnight

Fri Mar 08, 2013

Day 1: Bowling

We began our short but jam-packed journey together where nearly all Trekkers trips begin: Oceanside High School West. It was a windy afternoon, and after gathering together, checking for whistles and saying so long to our parents, we boarded good ol’ Daisy to begin our overnight!

First stop: Oakland Park Lanes for some bowling. We all did some bowling for a little while, and then realized that the snacks were as delicious as they were cheap. And that Dance Dance Revolution is really, really fun. We played a bunch of games in the arcade. Luke and Adam (Ranger Rick) also joined us! It was a blast.

After bowling, we went to Camp Kieve in Nobleboro. We moved our stuff into the luxurious cabins (heat, showers, what more could a Trekker ask for?), and then we played some games together before dinner. Dinner was, of course, pizza tortillas. We didn’t have cook crews, and a bunch of willing students pitched in to prep the salad and pizza making assembly line.

After dinner, we did some journaling (what Trekkers experience doesn’t involve writing SOMETHING), and played a couple more games. Then it was lights out!

Sat Mar 09, 2013

Day 2: Climbing and Home!

Saturday kicked off with some quality Trekkers b-fast, and a couple more games. Then we had a lot of time with Rob, our Camp Kieve facilitator. He had us do some quick ice-breakers, we which did very well after a few tries!

After the ice-breakers, we began doing the Flying Squirrel. Basically, one student in a harness is hoisted 50 feet in the air by a giant pulley system led by the group. Adam AKA Ranger Rick was our anchor, but the group worked together to hold the weight. It was tiring and required a lot of concentration, but nearly everyone had a turn!

After the Flying Squirrel Rob stepped it up a notch and we did the Balance Pole activity. While not so high as our first initiative, this one was much more difficult. We took turns climbing the pole and standing on top of it, while the group all worked to keep the pole standing straight. This was pretty intense at times, as some of us were VERY nervous and still gave it a shot! We were all impressed by how willing we were to push ourselves. It was a great experience.

After our team-building stint with Rob, we were really hungry and ate multiple PB & J sandwiches. Then it was basically time to clean up and leave! We cleaned our cabins, packed the bus and headed back to Oceanside West.

What a great weekend! We all left feeling so excited for the April trip. Thanks to everyone who made it such a fun experience. 🙂


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