Class of 2015 – Junior Leadership Weekend #1

Trip Log

Fri November 15th, 2013

Day 1

Everyone met at Oceanside West late Friday afternoon, bags packed and ready for an awesome first leadership weekend! Half the group was in the school play so they hung back while the rest of the crew boarded Daisy and headed off to Kieve Leadership School in Nobleboro.

Rob Reilley, one of the directors met us on the bus as we arrived and helped us get situated into our cabins. Once we dropped off our bags we headed down to dinner and got started with our evening activities which included a couple quick initiatives that led into a discussion on leadership.

Afterwards we watched a documentary about bullying and wrapped up the night with a short journaling activity. All the guys from the play made it back for the last half of the movie, but by the end it was easy to tell everyone was ready for a quick lights out since we had another packed day ahead of us!


Sat. November 16th, 2013

Day 2

We got rolling the next day at 7:45am and headed down to the dining hall for another delicious meal prepared by Kieve’s awesome staff. Soaking up the beautiful scenery at camp is always a great way to start the day!

Next, Don led everyone in a few group activities with our Beanie Baby friends (Xavier, Cutie, Henry, Fireball and the rest of the gang – who were all 7 years old) before the students moved on to the first big team building initiative of the day — the web! All the students had to set a goal of how many people they could send through the holes on the web course without anything touching or using the same hole twice. It was a challenge, but in the end the group came out successful and surpassed their goal.

After lunch we were off to the ropes course outside. We did the Wall, the rope swing platform, giant teeter totter, and the H.S. Swing! According to Rob who facilitated the H.S. Swing, there are very few groups in which all members of the team are able to do this activity and we were one of them! A big shout out to both Matthew and Neal who were able to conquer their fear of heights and “rip the cord”.

Everyone warmed up inside with hot chocolate and tea, then relaxed for a bit before dinner. We had to say goodbye and good luck to the guys in the play as they headed off for the evening, then chowed down on the delicious pre-Thanksgiving feast Kieve had prepared. The rest of the group wrapped up the evening with another couple team building activities, a role playing initiative and a journaling activity before bed. It was a very long day and heads were ready to hit the pillow quickly! A couple students stayed up for a hilarious game of cranium, but then it was lights out for the rest.

Sun. November 17th, 2013

Day 3

The weekend went by so fast it was hard to believe it was already the last day! We all woke up and ate another nice breakfast, then went back to the cabins to pack and clean cabins. Our last few hours were spent with more group discussion and journaling before our bus ride back to town. All around it was a great first Junior Leadership Weekend thanks to all our awesome students and great leadership team!


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