Veteran’s Day Trek 2013

Sunday – November 10, 2013

Day One

Eight students and Three leaders came together at 11:45am in the morning to begin what would be a memorable and fun trip that would be highlighted by a visit to Windward Gardens to commemorate Veteran’s Day. Games were underway shortly after our departure as Catchphrase is nearly always in use when we are on the bus. After playing a few rounds  we arrived at Camp Kieve where we would be spending the rest of our afternoon and evening. We tested our balance shortly after arriving as Team Puma conquered the Whale Watch and had a go at some low ropes initiatives.

During the walk, Zack R. found about a half a dozen toys! With our stomachs now grumbling we began preparing dinner and working on our Veteran’s Day project. Cook crew made up some delicious Mac n’ Cheese while the rest of the group created an American Flag out of poster board. Once it took shape students wrote letters of thanks to our veterans which would be used to create the flag’s white stripes. We ate dinner, finished the project and then played a wide range of games before reflecting upon the definition of honor.

Monday –  November 11, 2013

Day Two

Happy Veteran’s Day! We packed up, cleaned up, at some breakfast and left for Windward Gardens, a retirement community, where we met with veterans and presented our flag. We also played board games and had conversations with a few of the residents. They were all very friendly and it was clear that the flag and the student’s presence were greatly appreciated. During our time at Windward Gardens we had the distinct pleasure of meeting Vernon, a warm and talkative veteran of World War II that served in Philippines and delighted in talking about his newborn great-grandchild. After a nice visit we said our goodbyes and headed over to the Midcoast Recreation Center for their Open Skate.

Those who had been before were happy to be lacing up their skates while those who had never been were happy to learn. There were a few exceptional skaters, like leader/mentor Zach M.,  that took the time to show those with less experience (ahem, Mere, Caleb and Adam!) on the ice how to skate and even how to pull off a few moves. A few of us tried to duplicate his moves with mixed results…Our time at the MRC came to an end with the Open Skate and we headed to the Trekkers’ Office to wrap up the day with a few games of Big Booty and Who’s Your Daddy.



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