Senior Leadership Weekend December 2013

Day 1

Friday, December 13th 2013

This past weekend, seven of our seniors from the leadership program set off on their fourth leadership weekend down at Kieve. This group is the first to participate in Trekkers unique, extended two year leadership program and this weekend’s focus was facilitation.

We met at OSW Friday evening, loaded up quickly and headed straight to Kieve where we met Rob, exchanged some bad jokes and enjoyed another fine meal prepared by the camp’s awesome staff. After dinner, we settled in and got down to business! Together we brainstormed ideas of what makes a good facilitator then broke into pairs and took turns leading the rest of the group in a game/initiative of our choice.  After each game we discussed as a group what each pair did well and what could be improved upon.

We wrapped up the evening with a couple College Career throwback videos (Harlem Shake!) and our journal question for the night – “When was the last time you were extremely proud of yourself?”

Day 2

Saturday, December 14th 2013

In the morning we had a quiet breakfast before meeting up with Rob again in the lower Buck where he led us in a series of timed, teambuilding activities. He gave us all twenty minutes to complete each initiative — wooden skis, tarp flip, three puzzles, jenga tower and rope swing (thanks to Raegan’s giant sweater!). As a group, our goal was to get the least amount of points possible. Points were awarded when we completed the task ahead of schedule and points were deducted if we broke a rule such as touching the ground or a wall. We cut it close a couple times, but in the end we were successful!

With all that teambuilding, we worked up an appetite and headed to lunch. Don showed us a TED talk about body language afterwards and we had a good group discussion about it – strike that power pose!!

We had free time for a bit then met back up for more games and initiatives led in pairs. This time we had the lower Buck for space to play games and we got our energy up with lots of tag games. Sprout tag, close pin tag, partner tag, and Cyclops tag! Also Minefield and Honey I Love You – Now Smile got everyone laughing.

The day flew by way to quickly and it was dinner time before we knew it. We packed up, cleaned our cabins then managed to squeeze in one last game of Sprout Tag before taking off!

A big shout out to all the seven students who made the trip, Rob and all the awesome staff at Kieve and of course, our leaders – Emily, Sarah, Taylor, Rose, Lindsey and of course Don! Without you all this weekend wouldn’t have been possible. Looking forward to our next weekend together at the end of January!

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