Team Allagash Teen Trekkers 2014

Trip Log – 2014 Team Allagash

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Friday May 16th, 2014

Well, the day was finally here! Fourteen courageous 7th grade students and 18 excited adult mentors all met at Thomaston Grammar School early to set off for a weekend of adventures in Acadia National Park together. After a quick circle up, whistle check and goodbyes to friends, family and beloved technology items, everyone boarded Bessie and we headed north.

Once arriving to the park, Mere and Jack showed us all a quick tent demonstration, then we all broke up into our three color teams to set up camp. After settling in, we had a quick lunch then it was off for our hike! Each color group split off to our different trailheads to meet our Atlantic Climbing School guide. Team Red started up the Gorge trail, Blue went up South Ridge and Team Green hiked the North Ridge. The views at the top of Cadillac Mountain were stunning! It was a well earned reward after a challenging hike, but all the positive energy and delicious gorp kept everyone in good spirits.

After our long hike, we all made our way back to the Blackwoods Campground to feast on a big spaghetti dinner. With happy bellies, all teams had their first group meeting around their campfire where we played a few games and did a bit of journaling, then it was off to bed to rest those tired legs for all of tomorrow’s adventures ahead!

Saturday May 17th, 2014

Rise and shine! With a full day of activities ahead, we all had an early start to the day. Each color group took turned rotating through canoeing, exploring Otter Cliffs, and spending some extra free time exploring Bar Harbor. The rain was pretty relentless throughout the day, although even the weather couldn’t stop us from having a good time in Acadia!

Meredith led the canoeing down at the marsh where we got to paddle around for a while, singing songs and splashing up a storm. We were already soaked from the rain so what was a little extra water?! Otter Cliffs was pretty incredible too. We met up with several of the Atlantic Climbing School guides again who showed us the ropes and let us hang out for a while. A great day out on the rocks for sure!

During free time, the red team went back to camp and played lots of games around the campfire while they warmed up with some hot cocoa. Green team decided to go into town and played an epic round of kickball. Blue team also headed into Bar Harbor and hung out at the pavilion.

When dinner time rolled around, it was hard to believe the day was almost over! Each team indulged in the classic Trekkers pizza tortillas and topped off the night with some delicious s’mores around the fire. We shared many laughs and reminisced on great stories over the last two days before wrapping up the evening with a bit more journaling and lights out.

Sunday May 18th, 2014

When everyone awoke on Sunday morning, we started breaking down our camps and then got to enjoy a delicious breakfast to kick the day off right. Meredith helped all of us load our gear onto Bessie and everyone tossed their bags on to the roof rack again.

Afterwards, we had a bit of free time so we all headed over to Sand Beach to play around for a bit, ate our lunches, and then did our final journaling activity. Once shaking all the sand off, all of us piled into the cars again and headed over to the amphitheater at the campgrounds to perform the skits all the color groups had been practicing on allllllllll weekend long! There was singing, dancing and Meredith even did a little jig!

Once our skits wrapped up, it was time to head back to Thomaston. It was so hard to believe the weekend was already over, but we said goodbye to Acadia and hopped onto Bessie for the ride home. As we drove into the TGS parking lot, lots of eager family and friends were awaiting us. It was a bittersweet goodbye and lots of high fives and hugs were exchanged before parting ways!

Thank you to all the Team Allagash students for being so open and willing to all the new adventures the over the weekend. Your courage and positive attitude allowed you to overcome so many fears and challenges, all while doing it with a smile on your face! And finally, a huge shout out to all the wonderful student leaders and volunteers this weekend. We cannot thank you enough for your endless energy, patience, and love!

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