Team Penobscot’s Trektoberfest 2014 Trip Log

Advanced Trekkers Team Penobscot traveled on a 3-day Trektoberfest expedition over the Columbus Day long weekend.

Team Penobscot

First Picture on Right. The whole crew on top of the hay pyramid at Beth’s Farm. Top (left to right): Jack, Dylan, Cameron, Amos, Alex, Jacob, Domonick; Middle Row (left to right): Annie, Hannah, Kane, Bea, Aidan, Kyla, Laura; Bottom Row (left to right): Morgan, Abby, Misty

DAY 1: On Friday, the crew excitedly boarded the Trekkers Bus, Lucy, and went to get lost in the 9-acre corn maze at Beth’s Farm. Everyone got to sample fresh, crisp apples and apple cider, and almost made it through all 8 check points. They headed to Camp Kieve, where they were staying for the two nights, and got right to work with a service-project to give back to the great staff and land at Kieve! Everyone jumped into lopping down trees, and raking out the leaves on the hillside, proving to work efficiently and well as a team. The day ended with a great pizza tort dinner, journaling, and fun group activities.

Trektoberfest day 2

Second Picture on Right. The whole crew at Kieve, right after a successful service project raking leaves and lopping down trees on the hillside. Very top, standing- Domonick, Aidan, Jack, Annie, Kane; Middle, sitting- Alex, Kyla, Jacob, Abby, Amos, Dylan, Laura, Morgan, Bea, Cameron; Bottom- Misty, Hannah, Meredith

DAY 2: On Saturday, the crew started the day at the Hospitality House, grouting the tiles in the entry way, putting the gardens to bed for the winter, planting garlic, cooking a delicious meal in the kitchen, and starting the installation process of gutters for storm water catchment. Everyone was warmly welcomed by the Hospitality House staff, and got to share in a chow circle with youth tenants and staff. It was a fulfilling, enriching, and fun experience. Then, they spent the afternoon swimming and playing many competitive games of water dodgeball at the Penobscot YMCA. After a long and rewarding day, Team Penobscot headed back to Kieve for some free time, a delicious meal, and another journaling activity to reflect on the great work they did at the Hospitality House.

Trektoberfest day 3

Third Picture on Right. The crew, right after the Peanut Butter Pit at Kieve! 

DAY 3: On Sunday, they did some great team building activities, learned the consensus decision making process, and wrapped up a great, beautiful weekend at Kieve. Everyone loaded their stuff onto Lucy, as they waved “BYE!” to Kieve, and made their way to Oakland Park Bowling Alley for the finale. Boy, were there some killer bowling skills on those lanes! Not to mention, the dance moves!

Thanks to a great group of 8th graders, a truly incredible and helpful leadership team, and INCREDIBLE fall weather, Trektoberfrest 2014 was a blast!

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