Winter Stupor Stopper Slumber Party – Team North Face Overnight

2012-04-11 00.42.14Team North Face hopped on Daisy last Saturday morning and drove to Camp Kieve for an overnight. The focus of the weekend was communication and building trust.

We did a food shop on the way, to get back into the swing of things expedition-style. Upon arrival, we had some afternoon time to play a lot of Trekkers games – this led to a lot of laughter and built up some fun energy.

Saturday evening, Kieve facilitators Rob and Paul led the team in rock climbing. This greatly complimented the flow of the weekend and was a fun physical challenge. Everyone participated, whether by supporting the students climbing, or climbing themselves. Everyone that was able to participate pushed themselves and several went well beyond their own expectations. IMG_5860

We ended the evening by eating pizza tortillas (YUM!) and discussing the February expedition through the nightly journal and circle time.

Sunday morning we did community service for Camp Kieve. We split into three small groups. Two groups cleaned cabins and our community space and a third group shoveled paths to the cabins across campus. Everyone worked well together and several students emerged as new leaders.

2012-04-10 22.40.44We finished the weekend with a few more initiatives, a good ol’ PB & J lunch and some final expedition discussion. We returned to the school Sunday evening.

Thank you to all of the leaders who made this trip a huge success: Mike McGuire, Jordan Carpenter, Matthew Ansart, Justin Robinson and Hannah Tannebring.

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