Team Allagash March Overnight

2Twelve 8th graders on Team Allagash were joined by six mentors for an overnight adventure at Camp Wavus in Jefferson last week.

The crew took off right after school on Thursday, March 12th and headed to Waldoboro to do a food shop before arriving at Wavus. Everyone unpacked in their cabins (one side was named “Allagash”!) and then spent the rest of the evening in Jewell Hall playing team-building games, making their final consensus decisions for their summer 10-day expedition and eating Pizza Tortillas for dinner.

That evening, the group had a movie night with popcorn and hot chocolate with some pretty awesome bean bags from Wavus.17

On Friday, Team Allagash cleaned and packed up and had some final games and journaling time before heading back to Oceanside West.

25Thank you to all of the leaders who made this possible: Tomas Sowles, Jenny Carter, Anna Walker, Brianna Garrett and Laken Fournier.

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