Team Chimera College and Career Exploration Expedition 2015

4/17/15: day 1

We began our expedition at URock with a finance literacy workshop. We weren’t fully awake (Rory) until we were woken up with the sweet caress of candy . The workshop was undoubtedly very useful. We learned about college costs and financial aid options . After URock, we left for Vermont . We stayed at Daybreak Community Church and made a giant chalk hopscotch game in the parking lot.

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4/18/15: day 2

We started our day with a trip to UVM. Most of us really liked the campus and its proximity to downtown Burlington. The school was committed to sustaining an environmentally-friendly existence and Chlöe liked their program with cows. Next, we headed to Middlebury College, Anna and Sadie’s choice. Anna really loved the variety of majors, the hidden study nooks all around campus, and its cozy size. Ma and Pa Carver brought us dinner when we got back to Colchester, and we all discussed our thoughts on the two schools.

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4/19/15: day 3

Happy birthday, Laken! Today we visited Franklin Pierce and Hampshire on self-guided tours. Franklin Pierce was small, and a lot of us liked its summer camp vibes. Emily was the best fake tour guide we’ve ever had. Hampshire was Chlöe’s choice, and we all loved its outdoorsy and unconventional approach to learning. This was the first school we’ve visited with a build-your-major option, which is awesome for students who are motivated and aren’t in love with the traditional school system. We had mac and cheese for dinner, Laken’s favorite, and stayed in Amherst, Massachusetts.


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4/20/15: day 4

Today we drove for 5 hours. It rained, so it was a good day to spend time on the bus. We played a killer game of I spy, Rory led some rounds of Mafia, and a bunch of us played BS. Emilee taught us some super fun card games that she picked up from her travels. We showered, stayed in New Jersey, and met up with urban Trekkers to go bowling. It was awesome getting to see everyone, some of us catching up from the last time we met on hood to the woods, while some of us met for the first time. We definitely had a great time, regardless of our bowling skills, and made a bunch of new friends.

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4/21/15: day 5

We started the day at Widener University, Molly’s choice. We had a guided tour of the campus, and a lot of people liked it. We liked its small size, its location just outside Philly, the friendly people all around campus, and how clean the grounds were. We picked up Stu Rich at the airport after Widener and he drove us to our next stop. We went into the heart of Philadelphia and walked around Temple University. We did not have a guided tour, so we walked around campus as a group. We explored their beautiful music hall, their study abroad office, and their library. On campus, we liked all the food trucks we saw and the live music and breakdancing that was going on on Temple’s grounds. After Temple University, we made our way to Tom and Lisa Kulp’s for dinner. We listened to music, had great conversations, and played an intense game of catch phrase (team 1 with the victory) with the Kulps. Finally, we left for bed, did a quick circle to discuss the pros and cons of each college, say quotes of the day and shout outs, and get ready for the next morning.

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4/22/15: day 6

Drive day

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4/23/15: day 7

We had an early start this morning and drove to the University of Connecticut, where we met up with two Trekkers alums, Kristin Rickard and Megan Rickard, who showed us around campus. Kristin talked to us about UConn’s values, like school pride and a dedication to athletics. We thought the school was a little too big for most of us, but we loved the campus and the Dairy Bar, which was a cow farm owned and operated by UConn that supplied the school with most of their dairy goods. After UConn, we went to Roger Williams University, where we met up with Kyle’s sister Kasie Waters. She showed us a cool beach near campus, and told us about her favorite parts of the school. After that, we met up with a Roger Williams tour guide, who showed us inside some academic buildings, the wet lab, a dorm, and the dining hall. It was a long day, and most of us slept on our way to Boston, where we were supposed to meet up with Mr. Poope, but he unfortunately couldn’t make it, so we had hot chocolate in Boston Commons instead. We journaled on the bus ride home, and in the parking lot of the Church we were staying at while we waited for keys into the building.



IMG_3658 IMG_3659 IMG_3660 IMG_3661 IMG_3663 IMG_3668 IMG_3669 IMG_3672 IMG_3676 IMG_3677 IMG_3679 IMG_3681 IMG_3687 IMG_3688 IMG_3689 IMG_3693 IMG_3694 IMG_3697 IMG_3700 IMG_3707 IMG_3712 IMG_3715




































































4/24/15: day 8

We got to sleep in today!!! We had a leisurely morning and eventually made our way to Bentley, where we walked around campus on a self guided tour and learned a bit about their study abroad programs. Kyle liked their accounting program, and we all thought they had a cute campus. After Bentley, we made our way to Mount Ida, where we had a guided tour. Keeleigh really liked their Vet Tech program, and a lot of us liked their personal approach to teaching. On our way out of the parking lot, our dear bus Lucy broke down, so we were set back a bit. Thankfully, a very nice cop and a phone conversation with our mechanic back home helped us get the bus running again, and we were all loaded back on within the hour. We went back to the church we were staying at, where some of us played four square and some of us took much needed naps. For dinner, Stu, Chlöe, Sadie, and Juliette made Stu Fry, a Thai soup that was new to the Trekkers menu.

IMG_3716 IMG_3718 IMG_3720 IMG_3722 IMG_3726 IMG_3728 IMG_3729 IMG_3732 IMG_3733 IMG_3735 IMG_3736 IMG_3737 IMG_3738 IMG_3740 IMG_3742 IMG_3744












































4/25/15: day 9

We drove into Boston this morning and took the green line to Boston University. Juliette, Stu, and Sadie broke away from the group to explore MassArts, Juliette’s choice school. We walked around BU’s campus on a self-guided tour, all of us feeing a little lost and a lot caffeinated, thanks to the free coffee at BU’s admissions office. We loved their variety of programs and their brownstone dorms, but their lack of a central campus feeling was slightly off-putting. Next, we trekked to Northeastern University, Jenny’s choice. We met up with a Trekkers alum Leah Simmons, and Jenny’s sister Vieno Carter. They showed us around campus and talked to us about what they loved about Northeastern. Their five year model that includes a co-op program is super unique, and a lot of us really loved that. We then went to the bookstore after touring the grounds, which were really pretty and gave off a nice campus feeling, where some of us stocked up on NU merchandise. As our last night of the expedition, we took some time to write journal passes and share some of them. Rory’s pass to Chris was especially unique, with a beautiful poem that can be found in Lucy’s anthology.


IMG_3748 IMG_3750 IMG_3751 IMG_3753 IMG_3754 IMG_3755 IMG_3756 IMG_3758 IMG_3762 IMG_3764 IMG_3765 IMG_3766 IMG_3767 IMG_3768 IMG_3769 IMG_3771






















































4/26/15: Day 10

Our final day on the road, and off to the University of New England we go! After an early start, we headed north again to the homeland, to MAINE! We met Trekkers Alumn Karly Robinson, a nursing student at UNE, who gave us a wonderful tour. We talked over our last couple of colleges and, feeling full to the brim with knowledge, made the final trek back home. It was an amazing expedition!

IMG_3772 IMG_3787 IMG_3785 IMG_3784 IMG_3781 IMG_3780 IMG_3779 IMG_3778 IMG_3775 IMG_3773

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