Team Patagonia’s March Overnight

IMG_1561Team Patagonia hopped on the bus right after school on Friday, March 18th. We headed straight to Kieve for the night. Upon arrival, we set up our beds, then headed straight down to Buck where we played a bunch of fun Trekkers games to get us right into the rhythm of the trip. Then, we shared some goals around the trip, and had some time to share thoughts on why this trip was important as a shared experience. Then, we got to cook Pizza Tortillas outside, and enjoy the sun! After dinner, we did a series of activities that taught us safety techniques for catching people, and carrying people safely, in order to prepare us for a challenging initiative the next day. Interspersed in these activities was a bunch of laughter and fun games. To wrap up the night, we journaled about why this trip came at the perfect time, and had some time to reflect on the importance of getting away from a busy routine every once and a while, and how great it can feel to be surrounded by such a supportive, fun, and caring group of people. IMG_1571

On Saturday, we spent the day at Kieve, doing the Spider Web Activity, which challenges the group to get all members of the team from one side of the web to the other, while carefully passing each person through a hole in the web. The group did great, and really used their new-found skills from the night before to complete the task safely and successfully! We also had some time to play frsibee outside, eat lunch in the sun, and make some progress on decision-making for the long trip. Overall, it was a great weekend, filled with tons of laughter, new inside jokes, and incredible team work.   
IMG_1559 IMG_1557

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