Team Penobscot Ride Through History 2016


Written by Morgan Lindsey, Bea Weinand, Brennan Harris, and Hannah Tannebring

IMG_1327DAY 1, February 12th : Team Penobscot headed off on their Ride Through History expedition bright and early! Today was filled with fun and jokes. It was mostly driving to our first stop, Ridgefield. When we got to the church we unpacked and got ready to go to the Ridgefield Recreation Center to swim and hangout. That pretty much finished the day for us.


DAY 2, February 13th: Today we started by leaving Ridgefield and made our way to PHILLY. When we got to Philly we were so COLD. We went to the constitution center first and saw a really cool video/speech of how our founding fathers created America. Then we walked to the liberty bell not to far away. It was REALLY COLD waiting in line, most of us huddled together for warmth. It was warm once we got inside. After that we walked to Jim’s stalk house to have Cheese stalks. We then walked to the bus in what felt like -100 degrees, and then ran the Rocky Steps at night with the Rocky Montage blasting from the bus! We then drove to Camden, New Jersey to stay at Urban promise.That night, we watched a Diane Sawyer segment done on Camden, New Jersey to help students understand where we were, the culture around us, and to move us into a great day spent in Camden on Sunday!


DAY 3, February 14th: On Sunday, we headed straight to Mt. Laurel YMCA for showers, then went back to Urban Promise to get ready for Urban Trekkers to show up and take us all around Camden for a tour. As soon as Urban Trekkers arrived, along with Vicki and Jeff from Urban Promise, we started playing some fun and hilarious ice breaker games to get to know each other. Jeff, who spearheads the Urban Promise Boat Shop, got into the front of our Trekkers Bus, and led us on a tour through Camden. We learned all about the environmental efforts conducted by students to revitalize the river and natural habitats around Camden, the great history of a once and still bustling factory town, and got to see so many great parks that the town has worked hard to restore and make accessible to residents. Our final stop of the tour was the boat shop! We got to see all of the beautiful wooden boats in progress by Urban Promise students, and helped clean up the shop. Some of us were lucky to learn some boat building skills by students who were working on their own boats! We wrapped up the day with pizza and a go-around of highlights, quotes of the day, and shout outs. Team Penobscot then headed straight to Virginia that night to beat the storm expected for the next day.


DAY 4, February 15th: On Monday, we spent our first day in Virginia inside St. John’s Church for a snow day! It was filled with Trekkers Olympics, a bunch of games, laughs, and relaxation. We also met up with Mike, who would be driving us safely the rest of the trip.


DAY 5, February16th: On Tuesday, we had our first full day in Washington, D.C. We started the day at the Holocaust Museum, where students were really impacted by the depth, the breadth, and the impact of this world event. We then spent the early evening at Arlington National Cemetery, where we got to see the final Changing of the Guard of the day. The rest of the evening was spent playing games, eating dinner, and then processing the powerful experiences had throughout the day. Each and every person in the group had incredible words and insight on the experiences.


DAY 6, February 17th: On Wednesday, we started our day at the White House! This was a big highlight for everyone, as we actually got to walk through the White House and feel a little more connected to the life and process of the President of the U.S. We then went to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, where everyone was in awe by the incredible exhibits and learning experience. Then we were off to the Library of Congress and the U.S. Capitol for two great tours. After a full day of touring around D.C., we took a food break at Ben’s Chili Bowl, for an incredibly authentic experience in a place with impressive history. Once our bellies were full, and our energy restored, we headed off onto a night walk to many different moments – this led to great conversations, some super cool photographs, and lots of inside jokes.

IMG_1424 IMG_1430 

DAY 7, February 18th: On Thursday, we headed back to Ridgefield, Connecticut, where we were able to swim and take showers at the recreation center, and start the motions of the final stretch of our trip.


DAY 8, February 19th: On Friday, we took the day to drive to Beverly, MA. On the way, we played a mean round of laser tag, and then headed to Project Adventure where we would be sleeping the final two nights of our trip. Upon arrival, the Tannebring’s (Hannah’s parents!) met us for a delicious taco dinner, and we wrapped up the evening with a great round of and introduction the game Big Booty, and did our final journal entry of the trip. It was a night so full of joy, laughter, and incredibly meaningful conversations inspired by the quote “out of difficulties grows miracles”.


DAY 9, February 20th: On Saturday, we drove to Boston, where we embarked on the Freedom Trail tour with Jeremiah Poope. The group learned so much from J.P., and got to experience the rich history of Boston. We then spent a couple of hours eating in and exploring Quincy Market. After Boston, we got to spend the rest of the day playing group games outside at Lynch Park in Beverly, right along the ocean. It was an incredible day, and an incredible end to a great trip!

 Penobscot - Freedom trail

DAY 10, February 21st: On Sunday, we drove back to Maine, and wrapped up a meaningful, hilarious, connection-filled, and all-around fun trip with a great group of people.Penobscot - way home

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