Team Everest – May Overnight!


On Friday, May 27th, Team Everest hopped onto Daisy for an overnight experience in Camden Hills State Park to prepare for the Advanced Trekkers core expedition right around the corner at the end of June. Before heading out, everyone happily joined in some goofy games led by Shane, then we all headed off to Hannaford to grab some food for the weekend. As soon as we arrived at Camden Hills State Park, the group got busy setting up their tents after a demonstration from the student leaders as a refresher – it had been months since the weather last permitted a camping trip! Once tents were all set up, we headed to the Pavillion to play some Link Tag and Ninja, then got right to cooking dinner on the BioLite basecamp stoves. Everyone’s spirits were high, as it was refreshing to be back together again!


After a delicious dinner of pizza tortillas, everyone gathered around the stoves to make s’mores, sharing infinite tried and true marshmallow roasting techniques, then we all got into journaling and sharing our personal strengths, weaknesses, and goals in the group and for the core expedition coming up. There were a lot of themes around reaching outside of comfort zones, creating strong connections with new people, being in the present, and embracing the great moments, along with the more challenging moments as a way to grow as a group and learn from our experiences. Overall, the conversations led to a lot of excitement for all that is ahead for Team Everest! Of course, we ended the night with shout outs and quotes of the day – even just a couple hours into the trip, there was lots to highlight!

IMG_1795 IMG_1803


On Saturday, the group started the day with bagels and cereal, then circled up to play a mean game of King Frog, and to share more of what was journaled about the night before. The sun was out, and by the time we ended our circle, the tents were dry! Everyone packed up the tents, loaded gear on the bus, then headed to Hosmer Pond to get some canoeing in with such incredible weather to enjoy the day with. Ross, a Maine Guide through Maine Sport, had already unloaded all of the canoes for us – all we had to do was talk about safety, refresh ourselves on some paddle strokes, then get onto the water! We played some games, navigated around the entire pond, riddled while we paddled, ate handfuls of GORP, had a Common Loon stretch it’s neck and wings just five feet away from where we “gunnelled up”, and played some water bottle tag.IMG_1823IMG_1817




When we got out of the water, Ross came back to help load the canoes onto the trailer, then the whole group ran off to the soccer field to play Captain’s Coming and Ducky Wucky Woo. We were all pretty warm and tired after so much fun on the water, so we headed to Cone Home to grab some delicious ice cream! We ended our overnight on the Rockland Harbor to do evaluations and play some more fun games. It was a GREAT weekend, and everyone is excited to get back on the road in just a few weeks!


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