Team Puma 11th Grade College/Career Expedition Trip Log

UnityTeam Puma Trip Log 2016

Written by Kate Howarth, Team Puma member

In many great documentaries there are many exciting and interesting things. In our case this is especially true. We team Puma (graduating 2017) contain all the great qualities for a documentary. Neal Young, our leading expert in docs, tells us that we are all interesting and camera worthy in our own way. Though we are like a great TV show, we have humor, problems, and a very funny old person, we are missing the drama, and romance and gossip that comes with public television. Yes, we may not get all the ratings as the office (a.k.a Ben’s fan fav.) or the Golden/Gilmore Girls, we are full of spirit, full of hope; the future. Yes we are like every I Love Lucy episode ever aired, classic and full of fun. WE ARE….TEAM PUMA 2016


We start our trip leaving Oceanside East at 11:00 a.m. We take a quick picture, say quick goodbyes and hop on the bus. Our journey begins.

We took our first stop at Husson University for a guided tour. One of the things we liked the most is that it had a sweet dining hall with a pretty sick pizza oven.

Our second and last tour for the day brought us to University of Maine. Some highlights of the tour was that the  library had an office supplies VENDING machine, and we also liked that the university has an indoor football facility.

FUN FACT: the university mall (a.k.a the bridge between the mind and body) was designed by thTrip Log - Colbye same guy who designed central park. We end our tour with meeting up with Chris/ Craig Eustis (Trekker alumni), who is currently attending UMaine. After we said goodbye to our tour guide, we had dinner out by the bus.

We then headed to Unity Barn Raisers, where we stayed for two nights. The night ended with a journal and a quick game of King Frog. We all had a great first day that we knew would continue throughout the trip.


We woke up at about seven and ate a good breakfast of bagels and cereal. But nothing beats French pressed coffee, thanks to Trev. We started our bus ride to Colby College, but not without stopping at the local Dunkin, Team  Puma’s favorite coffee shop.

We met up with Alaina’s sister and her two friends. We started by checking out the new field complex. It had all the luxuries – included heated dugouts! Lauren was quite amazed. We learned a lot about the specific classes they offer and what living on campus is like. We all agreed that the campus was very beautiful, though it was too small for some.  We lastly went to the bookstore and ended our tour with lunch at the dining hall. They had lots of freshly cooked food and many options, including tons of sweets like ice cream, cookies, brownies, fruit bars, and an amazing create your own waffle section.

We had a quick stop at a dorm and sat on the lawn for any final questions.  After, we hopped on the bus and were on our way to Unity College.

Unity College was a lot smaller than the schools we saw so far. We had a fabulous tour guide, Reagan ( Trekker alumni). We were able to see some of a lab containing taxidermy and learn about the environmental courses that they offer.

We end the day with a journal game. You have to write a sentence, then the next person has to draw it. We pass it along through the circle. At the end you have a really awesome evolution of your sentence that has nothing to do with your original sentence. It was really fun. We were all very tired by the end of the day.


We woke up early and started cleaning. This is the day Shale ( leader) started not to feel good. The day started on a good note with a yummy breakfast at Dunkin and we hit the road. We started with a card game after about an hour. ThUSCGA Daye victors were Hunter, Lauren and Kat.

The only college we saw this day was Plymouth State in New Hampshire, on our way to Massachusetts. This is also where my aunt teaches! We started at the sports complex and then made our way across the bridge and onto the campus to the library where a wonderful student named Bella gave us a tour. We were supposed to have a self-guided tour, but she was really friendly and offered to help us. She took us on a nice little tour of the campus.

We then headed to Duxbury, MA, where we stayed for three nights.

Day 4 & 5:  MONDAY & TUESDAY

Alaina taking over here! We stayed at a beautiful church in Duxbury for three nights while we toured the following schools: US Coast Guard Academy, UnivUrban Trekkersersal Technical Institute and Stonehill College. USCGA and UTI were guided tours, which provided a lot of information about the lifestyle and career choices for each. UTI was very hands on, and we were able to go into the majority of the work rooms. USCGA has a beautiful campus and we got a good feel of what a cadet’s life would look like their first year. Stonehill College provided us with a very informative info. session, before we embarked on a self-guided tour around campus. We walked away with tons of information to digest in our pamphlets.


This was another drive day for us, as we headed down to New Jersey to stay for two nights. We stopped to do a self-guided tour at UConn along the way. The bus provided a lot of space for games, convos and of course some music dedications.


Thursday was our full day in New Jersey. We started with a guided tour at Temple University. This university certainly had the most buzzing energy on campus, as it was in the middle of Philadelphia, the largest city we saw during our 10 day expedition. Our tour guide brought us to the main campus buildings and talked about what he loves about Temple, specifically the dance program he is studying.

That afternoon, we met up with a group of Urban Trekkers to volunteer at the Food Bank of South Jersey.  We were excited to see many familiar faces, as well as to meet a few new faces. Our service project results were: Twilight Harvest, Senior packs: 422 bags (each bag is a 2 weeks supply of food for Senior Citizens in their service area)Trip Log 1

KidzPacks:   300 bags (each bag is a weekend supply of food for at risk children to supplement the family’s weekend food)

Snackzone: 600 snacks (15 boxes of 40 snacks for our after school program). The two groups certainly completed a lot in one afternoon! That evening, a new group of Urban Trekkers joined us for some pizza and bowling. It was a blast to spend time with them.

On Friday, we had another drive day back up to New England, where we stayed overnight in Connecticut.


We visited Montserrat School of Art on Saturday in Beverly, Massachusetts. It was a self-guided tour, but Kate ended up flagging down a few students that go there and she was able to get a guided tour for a few students and leaders – go Kate! We then headed to UNH, where we were able to use their rec center for showers before going on a self-guided tour.  We had been to several rec centers at this point, but this was our first college one, so it was great to see what the students use.

Finally, on Sunday, we visited our last (13th) school – Bowdoin College, in Brunswick, ME. It was a chilly, but beautiful day. We did a self-guided tour and did some final processing before heading back home to Thomaston.

Thank you  to all of the students and leaders for making this such a fabulous 10 days!

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