Teen Trekkers Team Atlas Expedition Trip Log

Early on Friday, May 6th Team Atlas hopped on the bus for their first ever Trekkers expedition to Acadia National Park! Thirteen students and fifteen volunteers met in the TGS parking lot with lots of bubbling excitement. To uphold tradition, we did a quick whistle check, team photo, and a quick goodbye to parents before hitting the road, knowing there were only great things ahead. The morning had started out grey, but by the time we had reached Blackwood Campground, the clouds had parted and the sun was shining! We set up camp and enjoyed a tasty lunch before hitting the trail to the top of Cadillac Mountain. Team Ninger Kermits (Green) blazed up the North Ridge Trail and Team Blue Moon Wolves (Blue) rocked it all the way up the South Ridge Trail, both led by our wonderful guides from the Atlantic Climbing School (ACS). We enjoyed the gorgeous view with some yummy GORP before heading down the other side. Back at our camps, we all enjoyed a delicious pasta dinner around the campfire after our strenuous day. To wrap up the first night, we did few nightly activities, shout outs, and quotes of the day before hitting the sack.


Saturday was a fun-filled, packed-to-the-max kinda day! Both teams woke up early to fill our bellies and get our packs ready for all the adventures ahead. The Ninjer Kermits headed off for a morning paddle on the marsh where we played an epic game of “water bottle tag” and told some mighty good riddles. The Blue Moon Wolves kicked off the day at Otter Cliffs where we met our ACS guides for rock climbing! Four different routes were set up, two of which including rappelling down so close to the water’s edge some students even got splashed by the waves! After lunch we all switched activities. Both teams gave it their all, and were excited to be stretching their comfort zones with incredible support. Next, everyone met up at the ball field in Bar Harbor for a hilarious game of link tag and Captain’s Coming. We spotted many torpedoes and mermaids (hey sailors!)… And of course we couldn’t resist another annual game of kickball too! Students vs. leaders – it was a close match and we all had a blast. With such an action packed day, our stomachs were grumbling so we headed back to our camps for the night. Cook crews prepared an all time favorite Trekkers meal, pizza tortillas! The rest of the night we relaxed around the fire, did a journaling activity, made a few s’mores, and played a fun game of King Frog!














On Sunday morning, it was a little bit harder to get out of the sleeping bags, as everyone was sore and exhausted from the two days before. We packed up bags and took down tents before we sat down for a gourmet breakfast cooked up by the leadership teams. The Ninjer Kermits got to indulge in the best breakfast burritos ever known to man, while the Blue Moon Wolves enjoyed freshly made donuts! Say whaaaaaaat!! After breakfast, each team took off to do a final journaling activity and to finalize their skit material for the big show. For lunch, everyone met up at Sand Beach where we played Frisbee and hung out. Hannah even brought us oreos! With full bellies and lots of energy, we headed up the amphitheater for our final skit showdown. We wrapped up the incredible weekend in one big final circle where we did shout outs and our “snapshots” of the expedition. Overall, an amazing weekend filled with amazing people, epic adventures, new friends, games, and lots of laughter!

13095765_1056336987774350_5734417751815353561_nIMG_0615whole team


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