Team Everest Advanced Trekkers Expedition 2016!



Day #1: Driving to Vermont

Hi, Skylar here from the team Everest 8th grade trip Blog! Yesterday we left for the trip. It was a six-hour drive, but it didn’t feel that long because of all the fun we had on the bus. I personally loved getting to know some of the leaders and students that I usually don’t talk to.  The leaders on our trip are really nice. I love hearing stories about the trips that they have been on, and their experiences with Trekkers! Later in the day we went swimming, the beach was really pretty.  When we were eating dinner by Lake Champlain there was a beautiful sunset on the water. I love it here in Vermont, but more importantly I love the group I’m with! I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else here in the Green Mountain state!




Day #2: Environmental Awareness at Green Mountain Power

Hey! Skylar back here with Team Everest 8th grade trip day two!!  Today we went to Green Mountain Power in Rutland, Vermont! There, we learned about solar power, hydroelectric power, cow power, and wind power! I learned a lot about power that I didn’t know before. I would recommend future Trekker groups to go there because you really come out with a lot of information that you didn’t know before!  Later we went swimming in lake Champlain. The water was cold but worth every second!  We made it back to the fabulous Bread and Butter Farm before dinnertime. The cook crew made a very tasty tossed salad with pizza tortillas. Then, we chillaxed for a while by talking to our friends, singing a little, and playing games.  After we all met up and played ‘Tweeners with a little boy, Henry, who lives on the farm! The group was very aggressive and into the game, most of us love a little good completion. Today was another great day with a great group of people!



Day # 3: Wilderness Experience, Hiking up Camel’s Hump!

Hey, Hey, HEY! Sky’s back with another great update on Team Everest 8th grade blog!! This morning we woke up early and headed out to Camel’s Hump State Park! We got there at ten in the morning and headed onto the Monroe trail.  This trail was 3.4 miles to the top and very difficult. Getting to the top took us four hours! As the clouds were hovering over the green mountains, we were climbing 4,025 feet into the air. I had forgotten how bad my legs were hurting because the weather was so nice; with a breeze everything was absolutely perfect. The way back down was easier, but we all were getting quite tired. Once we got to the bus we were all proud of getting through a 6.8-mile hike. We stopped at Domino’s, and got some delicious pizza and headed to the beach once again!  After we ate, we all went straight for the water. The rain poured onto our shower-less bodies while we swam and I honestly have never felt so refreshed! Every second of our quick swim felt amazing after that long hike. On the way back we stopped at Ben n’ Jerry’s where we got an ice cream and talked for a bit. On the bus back we had a little jam out session, singing and dancing and just having a blast! It was a long but rewarding day!



Day # 4: Picked up Meredith

Guess what!!! Its Skylar , once again with Team Everest 8th grade blog! Today we packed up and headed to Western Massuchusetts. We picked up Meredith along the way, as she will be driving our group around for the remainder of the trip! We arrived at Savoy Mountain State Park in the Berkshire Mountains, set up camp, went swimming in a beautiful pond, ate dinner, and did some journaling about trust in our lives, and in this group. Excited for another packed day tomorrow!















Day #5: Food Bank of Western Massachusetts & Ziplining at Berkshire East

Hey, hey, hey! Guess who! This is Karizma from 8th grade. Today I am going to talk about the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts and our adventure component!

From Hannah: We started our day at the Food Bank Of Western Massachusetts, where this nice woman named Molly led us on a tour of the warehouse and an activity called “Making Ends Meet”. The group got to let Molly know what it is we all were aware of when it came to Food Banks, food insecurity, and poverty. We also had a chance to ask all sorts of questions, to ensure that we would have a really meaningful and relevant experience there. She took us on a tour of the warehouse, answered many of our questions, and informed us of important statistics around food insecurity, poverty, and government programs and funding in MA, ME, and the U.S. overall. We then divided into four different groups, and each group was put into a different person’s real-life situation. We all had information on work wage, bills, emergencies that came up, number of people in the family, etc. With that information, we had to do the math on how much money was left over for food for the week. This created a lot of awareness on the real challenges that the U.S. is currently facing, and opened the group up to even more questions around resources available, along with curiosities around HOW we got here in the first place. It was very impactful and real for everyone, and let to great discussion on how we can take owernship and make change in this world.


Back to Karizma!: Alrighty, let’s talk about our adventure component. For this subject we went zip lining at Berkshire East Mountain. We split up into two groups. Both groups had amazing instructors that were very cool and made zip lining a lot o’ fun. Each zip line got a little longer and faster. Some kids had gone out of their comfort zone to go zip lining. We all had so much fun and would totally recommend it. Now I can officially say I’ve jumped off a 30 ft. mountain.

This Trekkers trip has been so fun. I’ve bonded with so many kids and really love my Trekkers group. The leaders are great, the kids are so fun and most of all they make me feel so welcome. I can’t wait to go on the many trips that are planned ahead.  I gotta go! Peace!

IMG_1999 IMG_2019














Day # 6: Zen Mountain Monastery

It’s Karizma again! I’m here to tell you about our cultural component, exploring Buddhism. We left Western Massachusetts and headed for Northeastern New York in the Catskill Mountains. For our cultural awareness, we went to the Zen Mountain Monastery. We had an amazing teacher that was named Gokan and he taught us how to meditate and how to become really relaxed and calm. On top of that, he also taught us how to focus our energy into certain parts of our body. I really enjoyed learning about Buddhism. Gokan explained it really well and very educationally. I learned about how Buddhism doesn’t necessarily have a certain religion. You can walk into a Buddhist culture with any beliefs and they will accept you.

IMG_2052 IMG_2054

Day #7: Food Bank of Northeastern New York

Today it’s Jonas writing about my experience at the food bank in Northeaster New York. We packed up 3,000 pounds of supplies from Walmart and other Big Box Stores, that went into boxed categories, such as personal hygiene products, medicine and pain killers, eye glasses, and so many more. We all worked together to sort through hundreds of boxes of supplies, in order to ensure that agencies would get supplies that were unopened, fresh, and safe to use for the clients and families making use of these supplies. We all felt really good being able to help out so many people we’ve never even met before!

13606690_1093979670676748_4234895822872252051_n IMG_2073


Day # 8: Six Flags!

HEY! IT’S KARIZMA AGAIN. Six flags was such a great experience. I had so much fun. I was hanging out with one of my favorite leaders, Lauren. Even though I only got to go on two rides, and they were the same one, it was so fun. The first time I went on the ride, mind eraser, someone barfed everywhere where Carter and I were supposed to sit. We had to wait for about 10 minutes so to make sure that the puke was all cleaned up and dried off. After all the hustling and running, Lauren and I split a dip & dots. They are so good! When we went, we had gotten all the flavors in a goliath sized dip and dots cup. I love this group so much. They are like my second family. I can’t wait to go on more trips with them, even though we have had bumps in the road, I wouldn’t have asked for a better group. Over and out~ Karizma.



Day #9: Fourth of July

We left Sodom Mountain Campground after a thorough bus clean and a dip in the pool all together, and headed to Hannah’s childhood home. We were greeted by Debbie and Brad Tannebring, who had set up a ton of lawn games (Kan Jam, Volleball, Whiffle Ball, Yard Yahtzee, and Badminton!), and also surprised us with a Fourth of July Cook Out! It was so fun to get into small groups and just relax and play games. Dinner was delicious (yay, burgers!!), and we got to wrap up our trip with a final circle for a journal pass. It was a really meainingful and emotional night, and everyone has mixed emotions about leaving tomorrow! What an amazing trip it has been.

IMG_2145 IMG_2140 IMG_2139

Day # 10: Homeward Bound

We danced the whole way home with shout outs and awesome jams to end the trip on an awesome and high note!


Here’s a HUGE shout out to all of the students who got onto the bus in the first place, and went along for the ride. You all embraced every moment of the trip, stepped out of your comfort zones, and really supported each other in amazing ways.


Here’s another HUGE shout out to all of the leaders, students and adults! You all connected with your whole heart, made the group feel safe and welcome, and stepped into this trip 150%. Thank you for all that you do for Trekkers, and for Team Everest.

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