Trekkers Junior Leadership Team Completes Weekend Training at Kieve

The Junior Leadership team spent a packed fun filled weekend at Kieve for a Leadership training with a full group of Trekkers staff and alumni volunteers! The purpose of the weekend was to train Junior Trekkers to be leaders on upcoming Trekkers trips for younger students. And of course to also spend some time together since Junior Leaders are from both the North Face and Patagonia teams. The weekend’s training and activities were facilitated by Trekkers’ very own Meredith Lynt!

The group hopped onto the bus, Lucy, early evening on Friday and arrived at Kieve just in time for dinner. The evening was spent doing name games and introducing the weekend’s theme of boundary setting within a leadership role. Students did a lot of solo and group reflection on what boundaries look like for individuals and how they can create positive boundaries within the Trekkers expedition culture.

Saturday was a jam-packed day which started out with a morning of leadership initiatives, rock climbing, and low ropes course work with Rob Riley, an instructor for Kieve. Brave members of the group got a chance to pair up and scale the climbing wall while their teams belayed them. Another activity had them working as a team to support an upright pole that a solo team member climbed up to the top of. Each individual who climbed the pole spent a moment of reflection balancing at the top to exclaim triumphantly a goal that they had for themselves for the rest of the school year, to much applause from their supportive team below.

Saturday afternoon the group came together to do some more reflective work around what boundaries are and specifically going over specific scenarios that the Jr Leaders might encounter on future Trekkers trips. The group worked together to come up with problem solving solutions to some of the scenarios, and provided great feedback to each other on how they could approach different scenarios as a new leader. The evening wrapped up with some hilarious belly-laugh filled games and a movie.

A big “well done!” to the Junior Leadership team for completing your leadership training weekend with flying colors!

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