“Big Trek/Little Trek” Finishes Up for 2016

BTLT session at the St. George School.

BTLT session at the St. George School.

The 2016 session of “Big Trek/Little Trek” has officially come to a close! A total of 30 students participated in this year’s program; 15 of the students were 9th-12th graders from Oceanside High School, “Bigs” as we call them. Several of these students had participated in the program previously, either as a mentor in past Big Trek/Little Trek sessions or as a “Little” themselves, once upon a time. The other 15 students were 3rd and 4th grade students, “Littles”, from both Thomaston Grammar and St. George Schools.

The program ran for a total of seven weeks. Each week the “Bigs” met with their “Littles” for an hour after school. Sessions started with a snack and circle time, where students shared a little bit about themselves and answered a silly would-you-rather question. For example, “Would you rather have three heads or have 8 spider legs instead of human limbs?” Each pair of students then had 30 minutes of one-on-one time, followed by a big group game.

BTLT session at the Thomaston Grammer School.

BTLT session at the Thomaston Grammar School.

The spirit and mission of Trekkers are mirrored in Big Trek/Little Trek in many ways. Our goal for this program is to build relationships, leadership skills, instill a love of helping others, and last but not least, have fun while doing it! Big Trek/Little Trek is designed to encourage the students to engage more deeply in our community and schools. The program allows the “Bigs” to become peer mentors and work on skills that are important in navigating any social interaction.  While there are also many benefits to the “Littles”, perhaps the most prevalent is the development of a positive relationship with an older student, someone who will listen, engage, and play with them. The program helps to build self-esteem and foster interpersonal relationships all the way around.

We would like to thank Thomaston Grammar School and St. George School for all your support and allowing Big Trek/Little Trek to continue. Additionally, we would like to thank all of the Bigs who volunteered a great deal of time, energy and enthusiasm to this program this year. This year marks the 12th year of Big Trek/Little Trek.

Trekkers is a non-profit, youth-serving organization focused on connecting young people with caring adults through expeditionary learning, community service and adventure-based education. To learn more about becoming a mentor for the next Big Trek/Little Trek sessions, visit www.trekkers.org, or call the Trekkers office at 207-594-5095.


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