Team Everest – Winter Wonderland Overnight!

 Team Everest headed to Kittery, Maine from Rockland on Friday, January 13th. We stayed at the First Congregational Church in Kittery for two nights. On the first night, we got right to eating dinner, and then spent the rest of the evening playing team building games, and journaling about the goals we all wanted to put intention into for the core expedition heading out in February.

On Saturday, we left the church early to go to Boston for a day built around learning about the American Revolution and the Civil Rights Movement. We started our day at the Bunker Hill Monument, where students read aloud to the group important information about the Battle of Bunker Hill.

The group then walked to the USS Constitution, where we explored the museum, learned about the ship, and were able to engrave our names on what will be the official hull of the ship.We then walked to the Museum of African American History, and went into an original African Meeting house. There, we were led in a tour by a Park Ranger, and learned about the realities of growing up as an African American child and family in the heart of Massachusetts during the time of Frederick Douglass and other important figures in the Civil Rights Movement. When we got back to the church, Team Everest journaled about their impressions of the African Meeting House, and the Civil Rights Movement in general. There were many feelings of frustration, anger, and helplessness. The group then independently journaled about small actions they can take to create a culture of non-judgement and equality in their schools and communities. This lead to feelings of empowerment and hope.

When reflecting on their experience, one student wrote: “The Frederick Douglass exhibit was the most educational for me. It taught me that anyone can be spectacular / a hero no matter who you are.”

On Sunday, Team Everest ended the expedition by going ice skating in Freeport on the way home to Rockland! It was a great way to end a great expedition. The whole team is feeling excited for the core Ride Through History expedition coming up in February!



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