12th Grade Trekkers Complete Leadership Training

In January 2017, the Trekkers Senior Leadership team spent a jam-packed weekend at Kieve working on goal setting and learning the art of facilitation. Team Puma and Panther leaders were supported by several Trekkers staff and alumni volunteers. The weekend was facilitated by a few Trekkers staff; Meredith Lynt, Alaina Ennamorati, and Brandon Caron!

The weekend started early evening on Friday, as Daisy departed Oceanside High School filled with student, volunteer, and staff leaders. Arrival was just in time for a spread of delicious food; BBQ ribs, roasted potatoes, sautéed veggies, salad, and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies! The evening was an opportunity for both personal and group reflection, as student leaders brainstormed areas where it is important to set goals in life. Students developed a list of goals in the following areas: personal, educational, professional, personal relationship, family, Trekkers, and long-range goals.

Saturday morning was filled with leadership initiatives and rock climbing, led by Rob Riley, Kieve’s Director of Adventure Programming. Student leaders worked together to complete outdoor initiatives such as balancing a giant human teeter totter and then went inside to warm up with some hot chocolate before heading to the rock climbing wall. All student leaders worked together as a belay team while various members of the leadership team climbed the wall in pairs, while carrying a ball all the way to the top. Throughout the morning, students continued to brainstorm what the ball signified. At the end of the initiatives, students determined that the ball was meant to resemble leadership, the idea that leadership brings responsibility and ownership.

Following a delicious homemade pizza lunch, Saturday afternoon was spent with students raking through Trekkers’ own library of icebreakers and initiatives. Students worked in pairs and were tasked with choosing two initiatives to lead for the larger group. This exercise gave student leaders a chance to break into facilitation and get some positive and constructive feedback about their initiative and personal leadership style. The initiatives ranged from silly to perplexing to reflective, which made for an incredibly diverse and fun experience.

On our last night, everyone gathered in front of the projector screen to watch Flight of the Hummingbird, a talk by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the best-selling book, Eat, Pray, Love. The group came away from the talk with a new perspective on following your dreams and deciding a career path for the future. One message from the video that really stuck with the group was Elizabeth’s suggestion to let go of this pressured process of finding your passion and simply “follow your curiosity”.

The last morning was spent finishing up with student-led initiatives and one quick journal pass. All leaders then hopped back onto Daisy and headed back to the high school!

A big thank you to all Senior Leadership Weekend participants for making the time to practice leadership skills amidst some pretty crazy personal schedules!




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