Team North Face Trip Log

Day 1: We met at Oceanside High School at 1100 hours and left for Portland where we toured USM by Jordan one of our awesome leaders. We saw the Gorham and Portland Campuses. Then we went to SMCC for our second tour of the day. Our first night we stayed at the Root Cellar where Jordan’s cook crew made macaroni and cheese.

Day 2: To kick off the day a group of us went for a morning run. Then we had breakfast and then got on the bus and headed to UNE for a tour. The tour was the best and informational. Then in the afternoon we got showers. Then later on Patagonia came and with us for our final at the Root Cellar. We played a ton of awesome games.

Day 3: Today the same group plus some peeps from Patagonia went for a run we started out as one big group then we broke up into three groups by the end. Then we had breakfast and said our goodbyes and we headed for Vermont.

Day 4: Today we visited UVM and Champlain College. We got toured by a Trekkers Alumni at UVM. We then had lunch at Champlain College the food was the bee’s knees. Then tour started with a student panel then they broke us up into two groups and went around to see the campus. Afterwards we went to the Y for showers. That night we hit up Burlington for super and fun.

Day 5: Today we are driving to Connecticut. Jordan made pancakes for breakfast. Then head for Connecticut. We stopped on the way to do a food shop and lunch. Alaina got pranked by Jason while everyone ate lunch by the bus. He bought a can of Monster Energy which are not allowed on trips and dumped it down the drain in the men’s room at Shaw’s. He then refilled the can with water from his water bottle and started drinking it. At first she didn’t even take notice then she said that she was going back into the store to buy a drink so he offered a sip of the “Monster” when she saw it she was really disappointed with it because she thought it was an energy drink but when he dumped a little out to show her it was just water she was relieved. Then afterwards we were back on the road and heading for Connecticut. A few hours later we stopped for diesel. When we arrived to West-Hartford. Will’s cook crew made dinner. We then played ultimate frisbee the teams were evenly matched team one was Ryan, Nick, Silas, Kristina and Robbie team two was Alaina, Lindsey, Will, Julia and Jason.

Day 6: Today we woke up ate 0550 to leave at 0700 for our tour at the Coast Guard Academy at 0900. The academy was very interesting we met a third year Cadet who gave us a tour. After visiting the academy, we went to a park to have lunch and to change out of our nice clothes. We then head for UCONN where got a tour by an alumni of UCONN. The tour was amazing we saw the basketball court. Then we went to a Y to swim and shower then headed back to the church for supper.

Day 7: Today was another early morning wake up to head to Mass to visit Massachusetts Maritime Academy. The tour at Massachusetts Maritime Academy was amazing and informational. We ate lunch in the mess hall with all the students and had lovely conversations with both our tour guide and an employee of the admissions office, the day continued as we boarded our bus once more and ventured off to see Bentley College. We met Jordan and Mathew ‘s friend Sydney (a Trekkers alumni from their class) who joined us for our tour of Bentley. Our tour guide was very nice. After the tour we headed to Boston for a ghost tour. Then we headed to a church in Newton, Massachusetts.

Day 8: Today we left Mass and headed to Bates College for a tour and lunch. The tour guide was very honest about the information that he gave us. Lunch was amazing the food was the bomb. After lunch we headed to the bookstore. Some of us bought some stuff then we headed back to the bus to get going to Thomas College for our final tour to the day. Thomas College was great the tour guides were very informative to us. Then we hopped back on the bus and headed to the Unity Barn Raisers where we slept.

Day 9: Today we headed for the University of Maine in Orono for our final tour of the trip. We met up with Justin who was a leader for our eighth and ninth grade trips who joined us for our tour. The tour was great our guide was very informal. After the tour we went to the Old Town Y for swimming, rock climbing, basketball and the indoor skate park we got showers. Afterwards we went to get diesel at Dysart’s which is a trucker stop. After getting a full tank we bead back to the Unity Barn Raisers.

Day 10: Today we are heading home after an awesome trip. A big thanks to Alaina for a phenomenally awesome ten day trip it wouldn’t be possible without you. Leadership has done a fantastic job and will continue to. Today is Ryan’s last day on a trip with team North Face and everyone’s going to miss him. So now we are going home and jamming out. We will never forget all of the memories we have made with Ryan. Good Luck with the Coast Guard. 

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