Trekkers 7th Grade Community Meeting on January 23

Trekkers is gearing up to welcome 40 new 7th graders from its six-town service area of Thomaston, Cushing, St. George, South Thomaston, Owls Head and Rockland. In mid-January, our staff will be visiting local 7th grade classrooms to give a brief presentation of our programs.

Any 7th grade student who resides in one of these towns and is interested in finding out more information about becoming a Trekker is invited to attend our Community Meeting on Wednesday, January 23rd from 6-7pm in the Oceanside Middle School cafeteria. Information provided at this meeting is mandatory for any family starting the program. We will discuss the 7th grade program in detail and provide an overview of the entire program through grade 12. We will answer any questions you have and give you the details you need in order for your family to decide if you want to apply to be part of  Trekkers. This meeting is for students and their parents/guardians.

Applications will be available at the meeting. Completed applications need to be mailed or received at the Trekkers office on or before the deadline of February 25th. Applications will be available for pick up at the Trekkers office, or download from  any time after January 23rd. By contacting program staff at our office, you can also find out how you can receive the information from the Community Meeting.


Trekkers is a non-profit organization providing a long-term program that connects young people with caring mentors and leverages out-of-classroom expeditionary learning to help them grow into resilient and responsible adults. Trekkers was founded in 1994 as an outdoor-based, youth mentoring organization that now serves 240 seventh through twelfth-grade students from the Midcoast communities of Owls Head, Thomaston, South Thomaston, Rockland, Cushing and St. George. In 2017, the Trekkers Training Institute was founded to train other youth development professionals throughout the state in the Trekkers model. Trekkers can be reached at 207-594-5095 and







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