11th Grade

Trekkers offers a five month program that culminates in a 10-day expedition for 11th graders who are interested in exploring some form of higher education or a particular career choice after high school. The goal of the trip is to offer students the opportunity to visit a few colleges, art and trade schools, or visit directly with people who are working in a particular career field. The itinerary for the trip will be set-up along the New England/Atlantic Coast corridor.

11th Grade News and Expedition Reports:
Team North Face and Team Patagonia on Easter Sunday at the Root Cellar in Portland.

Trekkers Students Complete 11th Grade College/Career Expeditions

In April, Trekkers Team North Face and Team Patagonia completed their 11th grade College/Career Exploration expeditions. A total of 21 students and six leaders explored college and career path opportunities during their expeditions throughout New England. The students embarked on their respectiv… Read More

Team North Face Trip Log

Team North Face Trip Log

Day 1: We met at Oceanside High School at 1100 hours and left for Portland where we toured USM by Jordan one of our awesome leaders. We saw the Gorham and Portland Campuses. Then we went to SMCC for our second tour of the day. Our first night we stayed at the Root Cellar where Jordan’s cook crew made macaro… Read More