Group Mentoring

In addition to expedition mentoring and One to One mentoring, Trekkers also has opportunities for gender-based small group mentoring. We believe that these all-female or all-male small groups foster students’ self-esteem and identity as they navigate the course from childhood to adulthood. Held at a Trekker staff’s house, these meetings are pot-luck style and involve games, laughter and discussions of relevant issues in the students’ lives.

What is my role as a gender-based group mentor?

The Trekkers model was built upon the principle that programs don’t change lives, relationships do. Following this philosophy, your main priority as a group mentor is to build a relationship with your student. We also ask that you:

  • Encourage students to formulate their personal values, ideas and opinions without impressing your own.
  • Be a positive role model.
  • Consistently attend scheduled meetings.

How much time is required to be a gender-based group mentor?

The group mentoring sessions typically occur once a month on a Sunday evening. Each meeting is approximately two hours.

What about mentor training?

In addition to the mentor pre-screening process, you will be required to attend a mentor training before partaking in the program. During this training you’ll learn mentoring basics, have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your areas of strength and weakness. We also have resources for mentors such as common “Dos and Don’ts,” mentoring activities and more. Throughout your time as a small group mentor, we are available to answer any questions and offer suggestions and encouragement.

What are the personal benefits of being a small group mentor?

Here are some benefits of being a small group mentor:

  • Connecting with youth and other adults
  • Participating in thought-provoking conversations
  • Learning about facilitating group discussions and mentoring in general (because a Trekkers staff member will be present at each meeting, you’ll have the opportunity observe him or her run the meeting and ask any questions).
  • Minimal time commitment (2 hours a month)!

What are my next steps?

If you’re interested in becoming a group mentor, you can:

  1. Get an application. Download the Adult Volunteer Application OR call the Trekkers office: (207) 594-5095 to request a mailed application.
  2. Submit your application. Mail the application to: Trekkers, 58 Park Street, Suite 202, Rockland, ME 04841 OR return it directly to our office.
  3. Complete an interview. Trekkers interviews all first-time adult mentor applicants. Upon receiving your application, a Program Manager will contact you to schedule an in-person interview. During the interview you will have the chance to review your application and ask questions.
  4. Start mentoring!