Trekkers’ Mission


Trekkers is a non-profit, outdoor-based mentoring program whose mission is to cultivate the inherent strengths of young people through the power of long term mentoring relationships.

With community adult volunteers working throughout the year, Trekkers provides myriad educational, experiential, and cross-cultural opportunities for young people, with an emphasis on relationship building and an appreciation of the earth as “educator”.

Our goal is to be a part of students’ lives from grade to grade and year to year. Trekkers follows students as they “graduate” from one program into the next along a six year journey that starts when they are in 7th grade and continues until they graduate.

In so doing, Trekkers

  • Collaborates with teachers and parents to foster personal and educational development in the lives of students.
  • Recruits, trains, and encourages local adults to take a leadership role in meeting the critical needs of students.
  • Provides students with alternative learning communities which cultivate responsibility to self, others, and the planet.

Trekkers has developed “Six Hallmarks” to help develop programs that best meet the needs of youth in our community. Our programs seek to:

  1. Create meaningful connections between students and caring adults.
  2. Collaborate with the larger community acting on behalf of its youth.
  3. Offer safe places for young people to be heard, trusted, respected and loved.
  4. Allow the earth to be the educator through outdoor experience.
  5. Expose students to the diversity of cultures that lie outside the focus of their everyday lives.
  6. Teach the discipline of self-determination and active responsibility and other life skills.