Automatic Giving


Trekkers’ Compass Club is a meaningful plan for helping local youth chart their future. Through their time in Trekkers, we help them navigate their path in the midst of an ever-changing, sometimes unpredictable world.

Key to charting a safe course is supporting Trekkers’ Automatic Giving Program. This program allows local youth a chance to:

  •     take part in quality youth programming
  •     develop valuable life skills through an experiential learning journey
  •     broaden their horizons by participating in a program-culminating educational expedition


Not only does the Compass Club help Trekkers secure funding for these life-changing core programs, it allows automatic deductions through your credit card in a safe, convenient, and tax-deductible manner.

If you would like to take part in  this automatic giving option,  please use the form below and choose the appropriate giving option from the drop down menu selection.