New Bus Capital Campaign


At the heart of Trekkers’ programming over the years has been our 3 buses, which we call our mobile classrooms.  Our oldest bus, a 1989 International Thomas Bus (nicknamed Bessie) which is outfitted for educational expeditions with a kitchen, library, roof rack, storage for sleeping bags, tents, musical instruments, personal gear, art supplies and more, has just been retired.  However, based on the fact that we will have close to 12 classes of Trekkers and four full-time staff in the years to come, two mobile classrooms are simply not enough.

With this in mind, Trekkers is seeking to raise $100,000 to purchase an additional “mobile classroom.” A third bus would allow Trekkers to further expand its reach to students exponentially; offering even more students the opportunity to explore a world outside the focus of their everyday lives, while being supported by caring adults along a six-year journey in becoming responsible and aware young adults.

Our Mobile Classrooms are at the heart of Trekkers’ programming!

Our Trekkers love their time on the bus. And, they can really DANCE!

If you would like to donate funds towards our bus capital campaign,  please use the form below.