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Makaila Hickey Joins Trekkers’ Board of Directors

Makaila Hickey Joins Trekkers’ Board of Directors

Trekkers is pleased to announce that Makaila Hickey has joined the Board of Directors as their newest student board member. Makaila is currently a Junior at Oceanside High School. Trekkers has been a big part of her life for as long as she can remember because her sister, and fellow board member, Alyssa Rol… Read More

Trekkers’ 12th graders from Team North Face returned from a 36-hour wilderness solo during the Rites of Passage Expedition. Pictured in front row (left to right): Andy Bird, Mackenzie Murray, Kristina Ferguson, Alaina Ennamorati-Trekkers, Julia Kurr, Katie Jacob- AmeriCorps, Lauryn Arsenault and Robbie Carroll. Pictured in back row (left to right): Silas Miller, Jordan Carpenter, Michael McGuire, Jacob Cormier, Nick Crawford-Crudell, Jason Reese and Nick Upham.

Trekkers Students From Team North Face Complete Rites of Passage Program

Eleven 12th graders from Team North Face completed the Trekkers Rites of Passage program, bringing closure to their six-year Trekkers experience and helping them move to the next phase of their life. Trekkers’ Senior Manager of Programs Alaina Ennamorati, with the help of a team of dedicated volunte… Read More