Planned Giving


Have you considered “investing” in Trekkers through your will?

Remembering Trekkers, Inc. can be as simple as adding a codicil paragraph to your will or trust document. Your estate planner is the expert, but below is a sample codicil or amendment that can be added to your will:

“I give to Trekkers, Inc., a Maine non-profit organization, 41 Buttermilk Drive, Thomaston, ME  04861,_______________
(add one or more of the options listed below)

  • the sum of $­_______
  • (# of shares of $ value) of stock in ______(name of company)
  • ____% of my estate
  • the rest, residue and remainder of my estate.

This gift is to be placed in the Endowment Fund of said Trekkers, Inc., from which a spending portion will be used to support Trekkers’ activities and programs.”

You might also consider making Trekkers the beneficiary for part or all of an IRA, or the beneficiary on a life insurance policy.

Bequests such as these are an important investment in the future of Trekkers programs.

If you would like to discuss our Planned Giving options, please call the Trekkers’ office at 207-594-5095.