Student Testimonials

“I think I figured more things out about my goals, values and self in the past 10 days then I have in the past year.” –11th Grade Trekker after completing the 2005 College/Career Exploration Expedition

“Trekkers has taught me how to be a team player as well as independent and how to help communities. It really showed me a lot about how to love people and how to spread kindness throughout my environment and surroundings. I love how Trekkers brings people of all different social groups together and how it can unite us in ways that we may not have been able to unite ourselves. I’ll use the things I’ve learned in Trekkers for the rest of my life, when I go to college, and when I have kids, and forever.” -12th Grade Trekker

“How has Trekkers not changed my life?  Trekkers is the source of almost all my favorite memories.  It has taught me to accept myself and the fact that I should not change the way I am for the benefit of others.  I’ve learned so much about myself and made so many important decisions.  I really can’t believe it…I’ve been so lucky.” –12th grade Trekker

“I hated life in many ways, but still every year going on a trip made me feel so much better.  My sucky times and bad memories really stopped me from wanting to be better.  Trekkers gave me hope and made bad go away.  I don’t know where I would be without Trekkers.  It’s made me better.”-12th grade Trekker

“I have the strength to face the future; to make decisions for myself knowing that I have a core group of Trekkers to support and respect me along the way.”-12th grade Trekker

“For me, Trekkers has far surpassed its mission statement. Trekkers has expanded my horizons exponentially, given me the social exposure that I need to be comfortable around all kinds of people and, above all, it has given me many new friends that I never would have had otherwise.”-12th grade Trekker

“I really got a feeling of how hard it is for some people, and that I should be a little more compassionate towards them…now I know what they’re going through.”-9th grade Trekker

“I am thinking more along the lines of who I want to be instead of what I want to do.” -12th grade Trekker

“I’ve learned about city life. I wasn’t used to the busyness, crowding, pollution, different races, how everyone’s independent – I have learned to accept and respect different people for what they are and to respect their culture.” -9th grade Trekker

“I wasn’t sure I could make it through a night with bugs and bumps and hoots. I had never tried anything like this before, and just didn’t know if I really could ‘handle it’ as I said I could. What I found out is that I could do it.”-12th grade Trekker

“I can recall the excitement of my first ‘Trekkers trip.’ The three-day expedition opened me up to new people, new friendships, and new experiences. Trekkers has given me many amazing opportunities for personal growth and discovery over the past six years…”–12th grade Trekker

“As I sit here in the sleeping bag bin and look at my new and old friends, I realize how lucky I am. This trip has given me more confidence about starting high school and meeting new people. I’m sad to think that I only have 4 trips left but I am eager to become a leader, I can’t imagine how fun that would be.”-8th Grade Trekker

“It is wonderful knowing everyday that I have been able to have so many awesome opportunities and experiences at such a young age. I only hope to be able to continue to help people throughout my community in some way or another to make their days or lives better.”–12th Grade Trekker

“I think I have learned to be at ease with myself and have decided what I’m going to do with my future. I have developed an attitude of rolling with the punches, and that allows me to live life as it comes.”-12th Grade Trekker

“Trekkers is almost unexplainable, like something that brings so many emotions out of you.” – 8th Grade Trekker

“Over these 11 days I have learned more about the people than I ever could of imagined! As I think back to the start of our trip we were two separate groups, like SGS and TGS, now we are one big group and totally comfortable with everyone. This sort of thing is what Trekkers is all about.”-8th Grade Trekker

“I’ve seriously changed so much since I first became a Trekker. I’ve experienced so much, I’ve grown up and I’ve found more of who I really am.”-11th Grade Trekker

“The Trekkers life. Each day on Trekkers is not just a vacation; it’s an opportunity to test your independence, patience, strength, and endurance. It’s a time to be happy, a time to forget your stress from school, friends, jobs, life. Trekkers is a group that will never be matched, and for us, there is still more time!”-9th Grade Trekker

“I learned not to be scared of the future, and I’m now more excited then ever to go to college, and I owe it all to Trekkers.” -11th Grade Trekker after completing the 2005 College/Career Exploration Expedition

“I have learned a lot on this 10 day trip. I am now so excited for college because I know I am not starting a new life, but continuing the one I have now only with a new environment, new people, and new perspective on life.”-11th Grade Trekker after completing the 2005 College/Career Exploration Expedition

“I learned so much about myself that I know will come in great in the years to come. I have realized that in order to discover what your ideal career is, you have to be happy and content. Your passion is the determining factor.”-11th Grade Trekker after completing the 2005 College/Career Exploration Expedition

“This trip out of all the trips has impacted me to a huge degree.  I have started to form the things that make me truly happy.  One that has become pronounced on this trip is that if I am surrounded by people who enjoy my company, who support me, and cherish my existence on earth, I can be truly happy.  When I am around these types of people anything and everything is available.  They are part of my story and my story has just begun.”– 11th Grade Trekker

“This trip helped define what is important to me.  It made me appreciate what I have at home, and what I’m looking to create in my life.” – 11th Grade Trekker after completing the College/Career Expedition

“Trekkers really makes me think. I think about being myself and making the best out of whatever happens. I think about the people and how we’ve changed and related to each other. I think about all of the leaders and how inspiring they are. I’m going to miss this trip so much, but I can’t wait for more to come.”– 9th Grade Trekker

“We’ve turned into a family. The relationships between everyone have grown so strong. I feel as though there aren’t any worries. No worries about what you look like, no worries about being judged. Everyone cares for each other. People were worried about getting home and going back to their ‘old ways’ or losing these wonderful relationships. I don’t think that will happen. I trust these people.”– 10th Grade Trekker

“To be honest I didn’t know if I wanted to go on this trip or even be in Trekkers, but now there is no doubt. I love being here, and I feel so lucky to be here.”– 8th Grade Trekker