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Team Patagonia's March Overnight

Team Patagonia’s March Overnight

Team Patagonia hopped on the bus right after school on Friday, March 18th. We headed straight to Kieve for the night. Upon arrival, we set up our beds, then headed straight down to Buck where we played a bunch of fun Trekkers games to get us right into the rhythm of the trip. Then, we shared some goals around t… Read More

Team Chimera 9th Grade Overnight

Team Chimera 9th Grade Overnight

Fri Mar 08, 2013 Day 1: Bowling We began our short but jam-packed journey together where nearly all Trekkers trips begin: Oceanside High School West. It was a windy afternoon, and after gathering together, checking for whistles and saying so long to our parents, we boarded good ol’ Daisy to begin ou… Read More