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Trekkers 7th Grade Announcements!

Trekkers 7th Grade Announcements!

Last month on October 31st, Trekker’s staff hosted an afternoon of fun and festive activities that introduced every 7th grader from Oceanside Middle School and St. George School to Trekkers. Any 7th grader who is interested in finding out more information about becoming a Trekker this spring, we woul… Read More

Trekkers Day participants and the leadership team.

Local 7th Grade Students Participate in “Trekkers Day” Program

Thirty 7th grade students participated in Trekkers Day on January 9, 2016. Trekkers Day is an opportunity for 7th graders to preview the Trekkers program by participating in an entire day of Trekkers-type activities. This year’s participants were students from Rockland District Middle School, Tho… Read More