“My greatest joy in tutoring is helping students understand something that previously eluded them. Finding the way to explain the lesson so it truly “clicks” with them can be so rewarding. To see their eyes light up when they get that “aha!” moment…that’s amazing. Knowing that you’ve made a difference in a student’s life… that’s priceless!”
– Trekkers Tutor

Many students in the community could use individual academic support during the school year. Like the One to One program, Trekkers views tutoring as an opportunity to provide students a safety-net of support beyond expeditions. You do not need previous tutoring or teaching experience to volunteer as a tutor.

Do I choose what subject to tutor?

Trekkers always matches each tutor and student together to suit the tutor’s academic strengths and the student’s needs. We want to ensure that whatever subject you tutor, you feel competent and confident in working with a student.

What is my role as a tutor?

We ask that you:

  • Consistently attend scheduled meetings.
  • Offer your student encouragement and positive feedback.
  • Communicate with Trekkers staff and the student’s parents about progress, concerns and any other relevant information.

How much time is required to be a tutor?

The time and frequency of tutoring sessions vary from student to student. As a tutor, you will meet with a student during times that suit both your and the student’s schedules. Some tutors meet with students once or twice a week throughout the year. Others will tutor students until their grade improves – sometimes just a few weeks.

What about tutor training?

Although Trekkers does not offer a tutor training, after completing your application you will meet with a Trekkers staff person to review expectations, ask questions and discuss your availability. Before your first tutoring session, you also will attend a meeting with your student, your student’s parent(s) and a Trekkers staff member to break the ice and decide upon a session schedule. Throughout your time as a tutor, a Trekkers staff member will be available to support you and help you resolve any issues you might encounter.

What are the personal benefits?

While the benefits often vary from tutor to tutor, our tutors derive personal satisfaction from giving back to the community. As a tutor, you’ll build a special relationship with a student and gain experience in teaching and mentoring.

What are my next steps?

If you’re interested in becoming a tutor, you can:

  1. Get an application. Download the Adult Volunteer Application OR call the Trekkers office: (207) 594-5095 to request a mailed application.
  2. Submit your application. Mail the application to: Trekkers,  58 Park Street, Suite 202, Rockland, ME 04841 OR you can return it to our office directly.
  3. Complete an interview. Trekkers interviews all first-time tutor applicants. Upon receiving your application, a Program Manager will contact you to schedule an in-person interview. During the interview you will have the chance to review your application and ask questions.
  4. Start tutoring!