Volunteer, Parent and Other Testimonials

“To have the opportunity to share ten days in the wild, on the trail, beneath the stars, and through the cities and towns of Colorado with such a positive, brave, and compassionate community of explorers is an amazing experience. I feel so lucky to have been invited to come along and I am truly honored to now consider myself a Trekker forever. Thank you, fellow Trekkers, for reminded me of how beautiful, powerful, magical, and fun life can be.”  -Volunteer Adult Leader on 10th grade Cross Country America trip to Colorado

“How lucky I feel to have spent this time with such wonderful people − I will remember you as giggly, energetic, quick to lend a hand, musical (Elliot), courageous and kind. You are all very unique and beautiful people. Shine on!” -Volunteer on 8th Grade Expedition

“I don’t really feel like a chaperone or any more adult than any of you. I feel like you are my friends and I feel so very privileged to know each of you and to have spent the last six days with you in the Maine woods. Hopefully this trip has given you a sense of inner peace to keep you focused on the year ahead. Good luck and I’ll see you around.” -Volunteer on 9th & 10th Grade Trekkers Wild Expedition

“I have loved camping and hiking and riding the bus with the 7th grade students. I am confident that each participant has gained a larger view of the world and their place in it.” -Volunteer Trip Leader

“Knowing that I was being a positive role model for young people gave me an incomparable sense of pride.” -Volunteer Student Leader on 7th Grade trip to Acadia

“Being a leader in this program has not only helped me to better young people’s lives, but it’s also helped me become who I am today.” -Volunteer Student Leader

“When I was a young child in the program I was like all of the young people coming through; negative, believing nothing ever goes right, and stressing over simple things in life. Now it’s an honor to be able to help the young people get through those hard times in their lives just like the adults in the program then did for me.”
–Volunteer Student Leader

“The Trekkers experience has affirmed my daughter’s sense of her own strengths, helped address some of her weaknesses, and contributed invaluably to her growing up in a healthy way.”  -Parent of a Trekker

“As a parent, I’m offering my thanks for the important part of the village you have become in ‘raising our children.”  -Parent of a Trekker

“Thank you for being a part of my son’s life.” -Parent of a Trekker

“…a middle-level education should include as many exploratory experiences as possible. Trekkers certainly supplies that opportunity with hiking, spelunking, canoeing, and other safe risk-taking activities. And, of course, the best part of Trekkers is the long-lasting relationships that form among the members of all ages. These connections provide a solid foundation from which a young person can grow into adulthood and a safety net for when times are tough. I hope we always have this program available to our community’s kids.”  –Teacher at MSAD #5